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Bit List 2023: If digital preservation is possible then data loss is a choice

William Kilbride is Executive Director of the Digital Preservation Coalition Digits are born vulnerable. Every single byte of data depends on a global infrastructure of technology, process and people for its meaning and purpose to be realized. Much data serves the moment: it is quickly forgotten in a continuous flow of process and interaction. Other data serve lengthier purposes, as evidence and outputs of transactions that have significant impacts and long duration, longer than the...

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A Collaborative Approach to Digital Preservation: The Rosetta Community

Daniel Greenberg is Director of Product Management at Ex Libris, part of Clarivate The challenges of digital preservation are constantly evolving. New file formats emerge, old ones become obsolete, and the quest to ensure the longevity of digital assets never ceases. In this changing landscape, one principle remains constant at Ex Libris, part of Clarivate: the power of community-led development. This credo is more than just a philosophy; it's the core of our digital preservation efforts....

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The Risk of Entering a Digital Dark Age

This blog was written by Linda Shave for the Records and Information Management Practitioners Alliance (RIMPA) Australia like many countries around the world is struggling with the rise of a data rich metaverse world, the rise of Quantum information processing and navigating the pitfalls of disinformation, misinformation and malinformation.  Traditional approaches for identifying digital archives for digital preservation are not necessarily agile in today’s world. ...

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Strike up the Band: World Digital Preservation Day 2023

William Kilbride is Executive Director at the Digital Preservation Coalition World Digital Preservation Day takes a musical turn this year. Recognizing the many roles and skills which are required to preserve digital materials, our theme is ‘A Concerted Effort’.  It’s a wonderful metaphor which invites all manner of variations: we will be striking chords, keeping the beat and mostly all singing the same tunes. We will be hitting high notes, developing themes, and calling for all...

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What is the carbon footprint of large-scale global digital preservation?

Matthew Addis is the Chief Technology Officer at Arkivum. It was great to be at iPRES 2023 in person again this year.  I was privileged to be invited onto a panel called ‘Tipping Point’ that was run by Paul Stokes and Karen Colbron from Jisc.  The panel questioned the premise that there is so much data being generated each year that we are at the point where we no longer have the ability to process it in any meaningful way, let alone curate and preserve it.  Panellists...

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New DPC resource ‘Level-up with RAM’ now available on general release

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) has made the resource Level-up with RAM available on general release today. Designed to enable rapid benchmarking of an organization’s digital preservation capability, the DPC RAM is a digital preservation maturity modelling tool which is applicable for organizations of any size in any sector, and for all content of long-term value. First released to DPC Members 6 months ago, this new companion resource is designed to help organizations work out...

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A preoccupation with preservation policies

Preoccupation (noun) - an idea or subject that someone thinks about most of the time (Cambridge Dictionary) I guess this is a fair description of my relationship with digital preservation policies over the last week or so as we have been working on a revision of the DPC’s Digital Preservation Policy Toolkit. What has been so good about having a bit of time to focus on this subject is the extent to which community resources and organizational policies already exist and can be easily...

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Digital Preservation Policy Toolkit 2.0 now available!

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) has released a new version of the Digital Preservation Policy Toolkit to coincide with its Relaunch Roadshow in Australasia. Now freely available for anyone within the digital preservation community to use and designed for organizations of any type, the Digital Preservation Policy Toolkit guides users from initial research and preparation phases, through to drafting a policy, gathering feedback and communicating the finished policy. 

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Clarifying the Cost of Curation: Community feedback required to decide the future of the Curation Costs Exchange

The Digital Preservation Coalition and Jisc as part of the 4C post-project consortium, are seeking community input to help decide the future of the Curation Costs Exchange (CCEx). The CCEx is a website ( which was created as an output of the 4C project ( It provides information about some fundamental concepts relating to costing digital preservation, as well as providing a Cost Comparison Tool (CCT) that allows registered users to...

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Level Up with RAM: New DPC resource supports progress in digital preservation maturity

The Digital Preservation Coalition has released a new resource designed to help organizations Level-up with RAM and move forward in their digital preservation capabilities using the DPC Rapid Assessment Model (RAM). Designed to enable rapid benchmarking of an organization’s digital preservation capability, the DPC RAM is a digital preservation maturity modelling tool which is applicable for organizations of any size in any sector, and for all content of long-term value. With a 6-month DPC...

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Call for Applicants: DPC Grant for 2023 AMaGA Conference in Australia

The DPC is pleased to offer a new Career Development Fund grant for the Australian Museums and Galleries Association (AMaGA) National Conference 2023 (#AMaGA2023), being held 16-19 May across Murrook Cultural Centre, Newcastle City Hall and Civic Theatre in Awabakal & Worimi Land Newcastle, Australia. The grant will cover 100% of the registration fees as well as a contribution towards travel and accommodation. More details about the grant are provided below, and applications are welcomed...

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Reimagining the digital preservation workflows of Archives - FIAT/IFTA World Conference 2022

Thandokazi Maceba is a Data Curation Officer at the Libraries of the University of Cape Town (UCT). She recently attended The FIAT/IFTA World Conference 2022 in Cape Town, with support from the DPC Career Development Fund, which is funded by DPC Supporters. I discovered the FIAT/IFTA World Conference 2022 at a time in my career when I was searching for ways to improve my skills set and broaden my scope in the Library and Information Sciences sector. I like the fact that it was happening in...

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DPC Technology Watch Guidance Note: A new case study on understanding user needs

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) has made a new Technology Watch Guidance Note on Understanding user needs: A case study from the National Library of Scotland by Chris Fleet available on general release today, following a 1-month DPC Member preview. Access is an important element of digital preservation workflows and ultimately information is preserved so it can be used: so, understanding what users need is a key aspect of successful digital preservation. This case study is a...

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Reviving Digital Preservation Policies at National Library of New Zealand

Martin Gengenbach is Digital Preservation Policy and Outreach Specialist, National Library of New Zealand There are many resources to help an organisation draft its first digital preservation policy, including the excellent guide provided by the DPC. There is less information about reviewing and revising policy documentation - though most policy guides recommend a regular process for doing so. Announcing an existing policy revision probably doesn’t sound as exciting as promoting a new...

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ASA 2022 - NFSA: Evolving Identity and Emerging Technologies

Natalie Anderson is Project Officer, Digital Archives Innovation and Research, at National Archives of Australia. She attended ASA 2022 Here We Are Conference with the support of the DPC Career Development Fund, which is funded by DPC Supporters. I was recently the lucky recipient of a #DigitalPreservationCoalition (DPC) grant to support my registration and attendance to this year’s #AustralianSocietyofArchivists (ASA) national annual conference...

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Benchmarking with DPC RAM: Results of member survey 2022

This online members-only event will be held on the 17th of August from 6:30am to 7:30am UTC (click for local time). Introduction The DPC’s Rapid Assessment Model is a maturity modelling tool for digital preservation. With the concept of continuous improvement at its heart, it is considered to be of most value when used regularly to check in on progress and adjust targets. The DPC therefore encourages members to carry out a self-assessment using DPC RAM on an annual basis, and members are...

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DPC RAM: Levelling up

Silvia Gallotti is an Archivist at the LSE Library. The past In 2019, my colleague Fabi Barticioti, LSE Digital Assets Manager, completed the DPC Rapid Assessment Model (RAM) to assess the status quo of LSE Library digital preservation. Fabi wrote a very useful blog post about this, where she also encourages colleagues to use this model. At the time, the Library had only just acquired the DAMS and appointed a Digital Assets Manager. Based on digitised collections only, 6 out of 11...

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Capturing and preserving practice based research

Holly Ranger is Research Data Management Officer in the Research & Knowledge Exchange Office at the University of Westminster Practice Research Voices (PR Voices) is an Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project led by the University of Westminster. The project is scoping the development of an Open Library of Practice Research for the dissemination and preservation of practice research, building on existing software and standards and guided by open research...

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DPC Rapid Assessment Model: Turkish translation now available!

[Türkçe versiyonu aşağıdadır] The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) is delighted to share a Turkish translation of its Rapid Assessment Model (RAM), with thanks to Dr. Özhan Sağlik at Bursa Uludağ University in Turkey and Nathalie Defne Gier and Mustafa Ergül at Koç University in Turkey who generously donated their time to make the resource accessible. Now available as a PDF download in Turkish, the second edition of the DPC RAM is a digital preservation maturity modelling tool that has...

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Digital Preservation at BT Archives

Melanie Peart is Archives Specialist at BT Heritage & Archives. BT Archives was set up over 35 years ago to preserve the history of the then recently privatised company, British Telecom.  Now a global telecommunications company, BT has its origins in mid-19th century telephone and telegraph businesses.  Its history includes, amongst many other things, the iconic red telephone box (or more accurately telephone kiosk), undersea cable-laying and memorable advertising...

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