A list of additional guidance materials relating to preservation policies. Use this as a reference point for further reading on the subject. The DPC Digital Preservation Policy Toolkit builds on some of the resources listed below but does not attempt to replace them.

General guidance on preservation policy writing

Preservation Policy templates:

  • Archives West Midlands Digital Preservation Policy template (2018) https://archiveswestmidlands.files.wordpress.com/2019/05/digital-preservation-policy-1.pdf is a recent example of a preservation policy that has been created for members of Archives West Midlands. The text is written in full, and there are areas where members are encouraged to insert their own organization name or mission statement, or add other specifics unique to them. One of the aims of this policy is to move all members to level 1 of the NDSA Levels of Preservation.
  • DCC template preservation policy (2010) http://www.dcc.ac.uk/sites/default/files/documents/Preservation%20policy%20template.pdf This template is focused on ‘data’ and suggests quite a high level of detail on some policy elements, such as whether new versions of data can be submitted and how this will be handled.
  • NEDCC Digital Preservation Policy Template (2008) https://www.nedcc.org/assets/media/documents/SoDAExerciseToolkit.pdf Developed for a 2-day workshop, this example includes headings and suggests questions to answer under each section. It doesn’t include example statements.
  • MetaArchive Preservation Policy Template Digital Preservation Policy & Planning Workshop (2010) https://metaarchive.org/public/resources/pres_comm/policy_planning/Digital_Preservation_Policy_Template.pdf Similar to the NEDCC Digital Preservation Policy Template, this resource includes headings and hints as to what to include in each section. This template goes into a high level of detail on what to preserve and which preservation strategies may be employed.
  • DPOC project preservation policy templates (2018) https://ora.ox.ac.uk/objects/uuid:924662fb-2c82-4d83-83c4-29a0220847e9 Two different templates are available to download from Oxford and Cambridge. The Cambridge template gives a format/style for the policy and includes the headings that you might wish to use; the Oxford template also includes a short description of what you might want to include in each section.
  • OpenDOAR policy tool http://sherpa.ac.uk/policytool/policytool.php Included as an interesting example of a tool to create standard policies, rather than for the content. Enter a random name/url to get started – this then allows you to see the topics and statements you can select from. Some of it is relevant to preservation (for an open access repository).
  • DDHN Digital Preservation Policy Road Map https://wegwijzerduurzaamheidsbeleid.nl/ The Dutch Digital Heritage Network’s guide for creating a policy road map (Dutch language only).

Preservation policy frameworks and headings:

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