Added on 25 February 2022

The search for the very best work in digital preservation has begun again this year, with the launch of the Digital Preservation Awards 2022 as part of the Digital Preservation Coalition's 20th Anniversary celebrations!

Organized by the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) every two years, the prestigious Digital Preservation Awards is the most prominent celebration of achievement for those people and organisations who have made significant contributions towards a sustainable future for our digital assets. 

Marking 20 years since its foundation in 2022, this year the DPC will offer a special award for the most substantial and impactful digital preservation initiative since the start of 2002, and the exciting process will culminate in a presentation at the iPres 2022 Conference on Monday 12th September.

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Find out more about the Digital Preservation Awards 2022 Finalists

In 2022, the Digital Preservation Awards offers:

  • The DPC 20th Anniversary Award: which celebrates a continuing, substantial and impactful contribution to the digital preservation community in any form, over the last 20 years.

  • Award for Collaboration and Cooperation: which celebratessignificant collaboration across institutional, professional, sectoral and geographical boundaries which have had a demonstrable and positive impact on digital preservation.

  • The Award for Research and Innovation: which recognizes excellence in practical research and innovation activities.

  • The Award for Teaching and Communications: which recognizes excellence in outreach, training and advocacy.

  • The Award for the Most Distinguished Student Work in Digital Preservation: which encourages and recognizes student work in digital preservation.

  • The Award for Safeguarding the Digital Legacy: which celebrates the practical application of preservation tools to protect at-risk digital objects.

  • The Award for the Most Outstanding Digital Preservation Initiative in Commerce, Industry and the Third Sector: which encourages and recognizes the adoption of digital preservation tools and approaches in an organization that is not explicitly a memory institution. 

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