The Digital Preservation Awards are back for 2024! Held every two years, the awards celebrate the work of our welcoming, inclusive, and innovative global community and focuses on initiatives, projects and collaborations which work together to bring about a sustainable future for our digital assets, and have been been completed since the last awards round between August 2022 and July 2024. 

The Digital Preservation Awards categories

Click the buttons to meet our 2024 Finalists from Tuesday 11 June! 

DPA2024 WebButton CC

This award celebrates significant collaboration across institutional, professional, sectoral and geographical boundaries which have had a demonstrable and positive impact on digital preservation.

DPA2024 WebButton RI

This award acknowledges exceptional contributions to practical research and innovation activities.

DPA2024 WebButton TC

This award distinguishes excellence in outreach, training and advocacy.

DPA2024 WebButton Student

This award encourages and recognizes student work in digital preservation.

DPA2024 WebButton CITS

This award celebrates the adoption of digital preservation tools and approaches in an organization that is not explicitly a memory institution.

DPA2024 WebButton Legacy

This award highly commends the practical application of preservation tools to protect at-risk digital objects.


DPA2024 WebButton Fellow

This award recognizes a substantial, generous and distinguished contribution to securing our digital legacy.


The awards will be presented at an exciting ceremony at the iPres 2024 Conference on Monday 16 September 2024.

The DPC Member vote is now open!

DPC Members, login to reveal the link to the voting form and select your first and second choices for this category. 

Votes must be cast online by 1200 (BST/UTC+1) on Monday 15th July.

Each Full Member, Associate and Allied Organisation of the DPC may submit one vote.


About the Digital Preservation Awards

Created in 2004 to raise awareness about digital preservation, the Digital Preservation Awards provide a rare opportunity to engage in high-profile advocacy, articulating nuanced messages about how and why one might engage in digital preservation. They enable the DPC, acting on behalf of the global digital preservation community, to endorse and celebrate outstanding work which may go unrecognized by others, and which may be little known among the senior managers of the agencies sponsoring this work. Therefore, nominations which have received recognition through other schemes such as the NDSA Excellence Awards are unlikely to be recognized again by the Digital Preservation Awards.

In its early iterations (2004, 2005, 2007 and 2010) the DPC sponsored a single award under the auspices of the Conservation Awards. In 2012, to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the Coalition, the DPC organized the Digital Preservation Awards under its own mandate, offering 3 awards. In 2014 a further 2 awards were offered and, in 2016, the DPC Fellowship was introduced for the first time. And in 2020 a new category allowing for an explicit celebration of collaboration was added. In 2022, we marked the DPC’s 20th Anniversary with another award which celebrates a continuing, substantial and impactful contribution to the digital preservation community in any form, over the preceding 20 years.

DPA2022 Winners

The Digital Preservation Awards winners from 2022 have been enjoying a greater profile for their work.

Back row (L-R): Matthew Addis and Joao Fernandes (ARCHIVER Project), Neil Beagrie (DPC Fellow), Emmanuel Modozie (NCTR), Adrian Brown (DPC Fellow); Middle row (L-R): Sarah Cook (on behalf of sasha arden), Sarah Higgins and Sally McInnes (Learning through Doing), Teo Redondo (ARCHIVER Project), Panagiotis Papageorgiou (archeological virtual reconstructions), Clare Lanigan and Lorraine Grimes (Archiving Reproductive Health); Front row (L-R): Micky Lindlar, Karin Bredenberg and Eld Zierau (PREMIS Editorial Committee) 

 We are very grateful to our sponsors and DPC Supporters for their generous contributions which enable the Digital Preservation Awards to take place:

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