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The DPC's Supporters programme is open to those organizations who provide tools and services to the digital preservation community. An up-to-date list of Supporters and further details of our programme can be found here.

Supporters are typically very familiar with the procurement process - either through sitting on the opposite side of it, or by working alongside the organization who is procuring (for example as a consultant). Like you, they are keen that the process of procurement, and the steps that are taken once procurement is complete, are as painless and straightforward as possible.

The DPC provide regular opportunities for Members to hear from Supporters in our annual Digital Preservation Futures webinar series and Supporter panels. Look out for these in our events programme. You may also explore previous sessions by following the links below:

  • A Supporter panel session held in October 2023 was called “So I’ve finally procured a digital preservation system, now what?”. During this event, Supporters gave lightening talks offering advice and thoughts on what makes a smooth implementation. A recording of this session is available on the event page here (DPC Members and Supporters log in to access this). 

  • Jenny Mitcham also wrote up a top ten list of tips that emerged from the session above as a blog post - “So I’ve finally procured a digital preservation system, now what?”: Takeaways from DPC Supporter panel.

  • In our latest Digital Preservation Futures Webinar Series (2023) each Supporter organisation introduced their digital preservation offering, before either inviting the reflections of a customer guest speaker or by discussing key issues related to DPC Member needs through a dialogue with DPC staff and attendees (DPC Members and Supporters log in to access this).

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