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eJournals DigitalPreservationBrowse our case notes in digital preservation from April 2010. Many of these notes are also featured on the Blog.

Personal Digital Preservation: Photographs and Video by Richard Wright

By Ellie O'Leary | Added on 7 March 2023

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) Technology Watch Report Personal Digital Archiving provides an overall approach and methodology for putting one's 'digital house' in order. 


Preservation Planning for Personal Digital Collections by Paul Wilson

By Sara Day Thomson | Added on 4 July 2016

Paul Wilson’s case note summarizes his attempts to find a suitable preservation planning process and associated documentation to apply to his personal digital collections. 


Business continuity procedures - UK Data Archive, University of Essex

By Super User | Added on 23 October 2015

Business Continuity planning and practice involves organizations proactively preparing for potential incidents and disruptions in order to avoid suspension of critical operations and services, or if operations and services are disrupted, that they resume operations and services as rapidly as required by those who depend on them. 

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Assessing long term access from short term digitization projects

By Sara Day Thomson | Added on 14 December 2010

Appropriate and timely examination of the digital preservation plans of digitization projects can have a lasting impact. Projects may not know or understand the risks they run. Simple assessment can help them identify and address these risks sooner rather than later.

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Practical Preservation: West Yorkshire Archive Service accepts a digital collection

By Sara Day Thomson | Added on 28 October 2010

Nobody has the perfect answer to digital preservation for every case. If we try we may fail; if we don’t try we will certainly fail.

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Small Steps - Long View: how a museum service turned an oral history headache into an opportunity

By Sara Day Thomson | Added on 27 October 2010

The benefits of digital preservation can be expressed in terms of new opportunities they create in the short and long term. Even relatively simple steps can bring early rewards if properly embedded within the mission of an organization.

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ASR2: Using METS to keep data and metadata together for preservation

By Sara Day Thomson | Added on 28 July 2010

Long-term access is improved when content and metadata are wrapped in a single package. In this way data managers will be able to access technical and administrative information with the content. The METS standard can help achieve this.

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Welsh Journals Online: Effective Leadership for a Common Goal

By Sara Day Thomson | Added on 16 June 2010

Long-term access often requires co-operation from many staff. There is a risk that responsibilities are unclear. Consequently it is important that a senior member of staff is charged with delivering an organization’s digital preservation strategy.

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Cabinet Papers: Policy as a Measure of Commitment

By Sara Day Thomson | Added on 17 May 2010

Digital preservation policies indicate whether an organization is committed to long-term access. Grant giving organizations should request copies of applicant’s digital preservation policies when funding data creation.

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Freeze Frame: Preservation Partnerships

By Sara Day Thomson | Added on 23 April 2010

Partnership is a critical success factor for long term access to data from small or short-lived projects. This depends on a thoughtful dialogue between the project team and their preservation partner. 

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