Advocacy and Community Engagement

Fabi Barticioti, LSE Library

Ruth Cammies, Open University

Lisa Griffith, Digital Repository of Ireland

Emma Hancox, University of Bristol

Patricia Herterich, Digital Curation Centre

William Kilbride, DPC

Sarah Middleton, DPC

Annette Mills, National and State Libraries of Australia (NSLA)

Angela Puggioni, DPC

Mark Reynolds, Houses of the Oireachtas

Sebastien Roncin, Bacardi-Martini

Thomas Shaw, Lancaster University

Paul Stokes, Jisc (Chair)

Dorothy Waugh, University of York

Emma Yan, University of Glasgow

Daphne Yuen, HSBC

Management and Governance

Glenn Cumiskey, RIBA

Bradley Daigle, Academic Preservation Trust

Fatima Darries, UNISA

Ann Gow, University of Glasgow

Lise Jaillant, Loughborough University

Tim Keefe, Chester Beatty Library (Chair)

William Kilbride, DPC

Louise Lawson, Tate

Rowena Loo, National Archives of Australia

John McMillan, DPC

Ellie O'Leary, DPC

Jaana Pinnick, British Geological Survey/UKRI

Vicky Plaine, BBC

Garth Stewart, National Records of Scotland

Adele Tamar, Parliamentary Archives

Simon Tanner, Kings College London


Research and Practice

Ifor Ap Daffydd, National Library of Wales

Euan Cochrane, Yale University

James Doig, National Archives of Australia

Elizabeth England, US NARA

Catherine Jones, STFC/UKRI

William Kilbride, DPC

Gareth Knight, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Jenny Mitcham, DPC

Kieran O'Leary, National Library of Ireland

Elaine Penn, University of Westminster

Tuan Pham, University of Cambridge (Chair)

Michael Popham, DPC

Alexander Roberts, Swansea University

Kristen Schuster, Kings College London

Heather Tompkins, Library and Archives Canada

Tamara van Zwol, Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

Paul Wheatley, DPC

Karyn Williamson, abrdn

Paul Young, The National Archives

Workforce Development

Sally Cholewa, NatWest

Susan Corrigall, National Records of Scotland (Chair)

Lauren Curless, National Film and Sound Archive

Amy Currie, DPC

Kate Doughty, NDA

Paul Gooding, University of Glasgow

Melinda Haunton, The UK National Archives

Leslie Johnston, US NARA

William Kilbride, DPC

Ruth Kusionowicz, East Sussex County Council

Áine Madden, Digital Repository of Ireland

Helen Mavin, Imperial War Museums

Sharon McMeekin, DPC

Trevor Owens, Library of Congress

Kevin Palendat, Library and Archives Canada

Iram Safdar, Historic Environment Scotland

Toni Sant, University of Salford

Daisy Selematsela, UNISA 

Australasia and Asia Pacific Sub-Committee

Jaye Weatherburn, University of Melbourne (Chair)

Robin Wright, DPC

One representative of each member in the region




Role Profile for Sub-Committee Members

Role Purpose:

To represent the needs and expectations of the digital preservation community to the DPC staff and Executive Board, guiding our activities with respect to one or more strategic objectives.
Statutory duties:
• To act within the Sub-Committee Terms of Reference provided by the Executive Board.
• To help the DPC pursue the objectives defined in governing documents, policies, and the strategic plan.
Other duties and key tasks:
• To ensure the DPC’s workplans are relevant to the needs of the digital preservation community, especially our members.
• To ensure DPC remains accountable and transparent in every aspect of our workplan.
• To use skills, knowledge and experience to offer sound advice.
• Occasional participation in meetings including away days, members’, and planning meetings.
• Review applications and proposals which may be confidential.
• To be an active contributor helping to refine goals, setting targets and monitoring performance.
• To be an advocate and champion for the DPC.
• To sit on working parties or task groups as appropriate.
• To be bound by collective decisions.
• To acknowledge and adopt the values and policies of the DPC.
Person specification:
• A commitment to the DPC and its work.
• A willingness and ability to devote the necessary time and effort.
• Insight into the challenges of digital preservation faced by a DPC member.
• An ability to recognize digital preservation challenges that arise in different contexts.
• An ability to think creatively within a team.
• A willingness to contribute whilst maintaining respect for others and their views.

The role requires an estimated voluntary commitment of around 8 hours of meetings and 4-8 hours of preparation and correspondence per year depending on the range of activities undertaken.



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