Advocacy and Community Engagement

Adam Harwood, University of Sussex

Alexandra Mitchell, University of Salford

Dorothy Waugh, University of York

Emma Hancox, University of Bristol

Fabi Barticioti, LSE Library

Jacqui Sergeant, Bacardi-Martini

Kirsty Lingstadt, University of Edinburgh

Lee Hibberd, National Library of Scotland

Matilda Knowler, HSBC

Patricia Herterich, Digital Curation Centre

Paul Stokes, Jisc (Chair)

Ruth Cammies, Open University

Sarah Middleton, DPC

William Kilbride, DPC

Annette Mills, National and State Libraries of Australia (NSLA)

Elizabeth England, US National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)

Emma Yan, University of Glasgow

Management and Governance

Alyson Campbell, DPC

Ann Gow, University of Glasgow

Bradley Daigle, Academic Preservation Trust

Garth Stewart, National Records of Scotland

Glenn Cumiskey, RIBA

Jenny Bunn, University College London

Jaana Pinnick, British Geological Survey/UKRI

Louise Lawson, Tate

Adele Tamar, Parliamentary Archives

Tim Keefe, Chester Beatty Library

Victoria Brown, Scottish Council on Archives

William Kilbride, DPC

Simon Tanner, Kings College London

Lise Jaillant, Loughborough University

Research and Practice

Elaine Penn, University of Westminster

Euan Cochrane, Yale University

Gareth Knight, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

James Doig, National Archives of Australia

Jenny Mitcham, DPC

John Beaman, British Library

Kristen Schuster, Kings College London

Laura Peaurt, University of Nottingham

Peter Clarke, University College Dublin

Paul Wheatley, DPC

Paul Young, The National Archives

Robbie Ireland, BBC

Stuart Lewis, National Library of Scotland (Chair)

William Kilbride, DPC

Kieran O'Leary, National Library of Ireland

Heather Tompkins, Library and Archives Canada

Karyn Williamson, Standard Life Aberdeen

Workforce Development

Amy Currie, DPC

Helen Mavin, Imperial War Museums

Iram Safdar, Historic Environment Scotland

Jez Cope, British Library

Leslie Johnston, US National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)

Melinda Haunton, The UK National Archives

Paul Gooding, University of Glasgow

Sally Cholewa, NatWest

Sharon  McMeekin, DPC

Susan Corrigall, National Records of Scotland (Chair)

Tim Mifsud, National Archives of Australia

Trevor Owens, Library of Congress

William Kilbride, DPC

Toni Sant, University of Salford

Áine Madden, Digital Repository of Ireland

Kevin Palendat, Library and Archives Canada


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