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Connecting the Bits 2022: Update and Call for Information

This year the Digital Preservation Coalition is changing the way we ask members to share their needs, requirements and suggestions for our next annual program of activities. Normally we gather together to network, share ideas and make connections at our annual ‘Connecting the Bits:’ Members’ Unconference and Networking Event. However, as we will also be hosting iPres 2022 in Glasgow this year - providing an even greater opportunity to meet, share and connect with a much larger group of...

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Safeguarding the Nation’s Digital Memory project: Evaluation Report now available

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) and UK National Archives are pleased to share the evaluation report from the Safeguarding the Nation’s Digital Memory project with the digital preservation community this month. The 1-year project, which ran from January to December 2020, was a joint endeavour between the UK National Archives, the University of Warwick and other partners from across the UK archives community. Funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, the project aimed to...

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A foot in the door is worth two on the desk

Shibboleth I am asked, from time to time, how to persuade management that digital preservation matters. It’s a puzzling question in context and content. For a start, I am not sure I have ever persuaded anyone of anything. I have been on hand when people persuaded themselves but that’s not the same thing. It’s like finding the fire brigade at the scene of every major fire and assuming they are to blame. Moreover, I am not sure it’s possible to offer a global shibboleth for digital preservation...

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Preservation Planning for Personal Digital Collections by Paul Wilson

A condensed version of this case note also appears in the Technology Watch Report Personal Digital Archiving by Gabriela Redwine. Paul Wilson’s case note summarizes his attempts to find a suitable preservation planning process and associated documentation to apply to his personal digital collections. Since he could find no preservation planning process appropriate to individuals, he obtained a slide set detailing a simple preservation workflow from the Digital Preservation Coalition, and used...

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