Whichever approach has been taken to preservation, it is important that lessons learned are captured and shared. It may be that any problems and pitfalls you have encountered in this process can be headed off in advance next time you need to carry out a similar task. Also consider whether the path to digital preservation can be smoothed for digital content residing in other systems. You should now have a line of communication with colleagues in various departments who should be receptive to talking to you about how things have gone and may be able to work with you to enact changes to improve the process.

Here are a few points to consider:

  • How will you report on your preservation work and share lessons learned with colleagues?

  • Can any updates to preservation and/or records management policy and procedures be suggested to improve things for next time? Can you use them to influence or improve on the record creation or management process?

  • Can any lessons learned related to the record keeping system itself be absorbed - what would you look for in a future record keeping system to make this process easier next time? How can you influence this process? Note that many of the questions included within this resource may also be considerations when looking for a new record keeping system. The DPC Procurement Toolkit may also be a helpful resource to consult.

  • Are there parts of your work that can be shared with the wider digital preservation community? Sharing of case studies and lessons learned are always welcomed. Do contact the DPC  if you would like to provide a blog post or a case study to link from this resource

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