The DPC has nine staff and is governed by a board of directors.


  • Richard Ovenden, Bodleian Library, University of Oxford

Executive Board

  • Juan Bicarregui, UKRI - Chair
  • Kevin Ashley, Digital Curation Centre - Vice Chair
  • Tim Keefe, Chester Beatty Library - Financial Director
  • William Kilbride - Executive Director
  • Susan Corrigall, National Records of Scotland
  • Stuart Lewis, National Library of Scotland
  • Maureen Pennock, British Library
  • Tuan Pham, Cambridge University
  • John Sheridan, The National Archives
  • Paul Stokes, Jisc
  • Simon Tucker, Nuclear Decommisioning Authority
  • Roxana Maurer, Bibliothèque nationale du Luxembourg
  • Donna McRostue, University of Melbourne - Observer

Representative Council

The DPC Representative Council is formed of a delegate from each of our full members.  It ensure that the DPC remains tightly focussed on its strategic plan, and that the strategic plan is relevant to members' emerging needs. It meets every three months, immediately before or after the Executive Board to receive and review the DPC's workplan and progress reports.


The DPC has five Sub-Committees drawn from the membership which meet every 3 months or so.  Each is charged with oversight of one or more of the DPC's strategic six goals.  Each one is chaired by a Board director, has 6-12 member representatives and each one supports the work of a DPC staff member. The Sub-Committees make important decisions about the work of the coalition such as the awards of grants or review of funding proposals, and they have detailed involvement in the development of our workplan in each area.

  • Australasia Stakeholder Group (Chair: Donna McRostie)
  • Advocacy and Community Engagement Sub-Committee (Chair: Paul Stokes)
  • Management and Governance Sub-Committee (Chair: Maureen Pennock)
  • Research and Practice Sub-Committee (Chair: Stuart Lewis)
  • Workforce Development Sub-Committee (Chair: Susan Corrigall)
  • See all Sub-Committee members


  • Alyson Campbell, Business Manager
  • Dr Amy Currie, Training Officer
  • Dr William Kilbride, Executive Director
  • Sharon McMeekin, Head of Training and Skills 
  • John McMillan, Administration Officer
  • Sarah Middleton, Head of Advocacy and Communication
  • Jenny Mitcham, Head of Good Practice and Standards
  • Jaye Weatherburn, Head of DPC Australasia-Pacific (Secondment)
  • Paul Wheatley, Head of Research and Practice

Previous Office Holders

  • Neil Beagrie (Secretary 2002-2003)
  • Frances Boyle (Executive Director 2008-2009)
  • Dame Lynne Brindley (Chair 2002-2006)
  • Reg Carr (Vice Chair 2002-2005)
  • Maggie Jones (Secretary 2003-2006)
  • Patricia Kernaghan (Vice Chair 2011)
  • Patricia Killiard (Vice Chair 2012)
  • Bruno Longmore (Vice Chair 2006-2010, Acting Chair 2009)
  • Laura Mitchall (Chair 2013-2017)
  • Ronald Milne (Vice Chair 2005- 2006, Chair 2006-2009)
  • Richard Ovenden (Chair 2009-2013)
  • Najla Semple (Secretary 2006-2007)

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