This section provides an overview and introduction to business cases and this toolkit. Use this to find out more about the toolkit and how to apply it.

DPC icons SafeWhat is a Business Case and what is it for?

Digital preservation within any organization requires investment in people, processes and technology. If an organization would like to change, adapt or expand its digital preservation activities, it is likely that you will need to prepare a business case for further investment in supporting infrastructure, staffing and/or training. A business case will outline the resources required and provide justification for undertaking that investment; evaluating the benefit, cost and risk of alternative options and providing a rationale for a proposed solution.

What is the Digital Preservation Business Case Toolkit?

This Toolkit provides a guide to writing a business case focused on digital preservation activities. While there is no perfect formula for writing a business case (it all depends on what the business case is for, who it is aimed at and how your organization wants you to present it) this toolkit provides a variety of ways to get you thinking about what should go into your business case. 

The Toolkit starts with factors to consider when planning your business case, before offering templates and a step-by-step guide to drafting, constructing and delivering your finished case: 

Who is this toolkit for?

This Toolkit is for anyone who would like to create a business case focused on digital preservation. It is targeted at practitioners (and their managers) who are working with digital resources and would like to obtain funds to expand their digital preservation activities. The Toolkit is primarily aimed at those seeking further funds from within their organization, but could also provide useful information for those writing a bid for project funds from an external funding body.

A great deal of internal advocacy and preparation is often required before you get to the stage of preparing and submitting a business case for a major digital preservation activity, such as establishing a new digital preservation system. For support with pre-business case advocacy activities see the Executive Guide on Digital Preservation and the DPC Rapid Assessment Model.

If your Digital Preservation Business Case has been approved, consult the DPC Procurement Toolkit for advice on the next steps!


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