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    The Global Bit List of Endangered Digital Species is open for nominations of at-risk material from the digital preservation community. While the DPC welcomes nominations at any time, this current call will close on Friday 30th June.


    If you are unable to access the Google form to nominate your at-risk digital materials or you would like to prepare your information in advance,

    please download and complete the Excel version of the form.

    Completed Excel forms may be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What is the Bit List?

A free-to-access and open resource for digital preservation advocacy, the DPC's Global Bit List of Endangered Digital Species (or Bit List for short) is a community-sourced list of at-risk digital materials which is revised every two years. Entries to the list are nominated by the community, who are at the forefront of digital preservation efforts, and reviewed by international organizations which represent global expertise in the preservation of the listed digital species.

By compiling and maintaining the Bit List, the DPC aims to equip digital preservation practitioners with independent evidence that digital materials are critically endangered, and that action is required, in order to support their targeted advocacy efforts.

Read the Interim Bit List Report 2022

Risk Classifications

Current entries were last nominated to the Bit List in 2021. Entries are grouped by risk ‘classification’ and digital ‘species.’ Click on each of the risk classifications to see the entries for each category, browse the Bit List by digital species and click each entry for the full report.


Species Categories


Access previous versions of and introductions to the Bit List, now superceded:

  • Introduction to the Bit List of Digitally Endangered Species 2021


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