Some of our focus group attendees have shared further information about their own documentation practices, and a number of other helpful case studies are also included below:

Presentations given at launch event

Interviews with focus group attendees

Other community case studies

  • In the Information Maintainers November 2020 meeting, Kaitlin Newson from Scholar’s Portal discusses the actions, routines, and communities that are needed to support and maintain the documentation needs of information systems: 

  • The DPC’s annual Workflow Webinar series can be a rich resource for learning about digital preservation workflows. These webinars sometimes touch on documentation and often include workflow diagrams as a part of the presentation. One interesting case study (using GitHub as a public documentation platform) can be found in a presentation from Julia Miller from the PARADISEC archive from 2023. This is an interesting presentation in which she shares some of the organization’s online documentation and also related questions about documentation in the Q&A session at the end.

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