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"The nestor seal: balance, international application and outlook" - June 28th 2022, German National Library (Frankfurt am Main)

In 2003, a working group at nestor began to determine the trustworthiness of digital archives in more detail. The first results were the "nestor Criteria Catalogue for Trustworthy Digital Archives" (2006, second version 2008) and the "DIN standard 31644 - Criteria for Trustworthy Digital Archives" (2012). Since 2014, nestor has offered a procedure of extended self-evaluation based on the latter and awards the nestor Seal. Today, the "Explanatory notes on the nestor Seal for Trustworthy Digital...

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Reflections on Operation Night Watch: the largest research and conservation project of one of Rembrandt’s finest works

Annette le Roux is Collection Developer Archival Resources at the University of South Africa (UNISA). She attended IS&T Archiving 2021 with support from the DPC’s Career Development Fund, which is funded by DPC Supporters. Annette le Roux is the Collection Developer Archival Resources at the Unisa Library, University of South Africa, with an International Masters in Digital Library Learning (DILL) obtained in 2009. She also completed the Society of American Archivists certificate:...

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The DPC would like to invite members to a ‘RAM Jam’ workshop. This workshop will allow you to get started and make progress with the DPC’s Rapid Assessment Model (RAM). We will also hear from DPC members who have used RAM as they share what they have learned from the experience. The workshop will include an overview of the RAM and details of how to use it. There will be time for you to work on your own on your DPC RAM assessment, and DPC staff will be available to answer any questions...

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