This section includes principles around ensuring that Information Technology capabilities are sufficient for supporting digital preservation activities. Aspects covered in the examples below include investment in infrastructure, use of open source software and maintaining an appropriate level of IT security.

Bodleian Libraries

Bodleian Libraries will invest in and support the technical infrastructure required to carry out preservation of its digital content.

Bodleian Libraries recognises that digital content requires management beyond the lifespan of the technical infrastructure and systems currently used to manage it. Systems used for managing digital content are chosen and/or developed using appropriate and tested exit strategies for digital files, metadata and persistent identifiers.

Bodleian Libraries will continue to document, monitor and refresh its technical workflows and processes over time.

Bodleian Libraries Digital Preservation Policy (2022)

University of St Andrews

The University will procure, develop, maintain and review the technical infrastructure required to carry out preservation of its digital content, including appropriate storage, to ensure future accessibility, usability and integrity of archived records and other digital content.

University of St Andrews Digital Preservation Policy (2021)

University of Cambridge

The Libraries are committed to using open-source tools, systems, and standards to ensure the longevity of digital collection materials. The Libraries also recognise that it is important to contribute to the open-source communities whose outputs they use, as well as to share openly about how they are managing their collections.

Cambridge University Libraries Digital Preservation Policy (2021)

Wellcome Collection

We invest in the continued development and ongoing maintenance of the infrastructure required to preserve digital collections, taking an agile and iterative approach which recognizes that the underlying technologies on which preservation is dependent are themselves constantly evolving.

Wellcome Collection Digital Preservation Policy 2019–2021 (2019)

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