A key role for the DPC is to empower and develop our members’ workforces. Our members operate in a competitive and dynamic knowledge environment where roles and responsibilities of staff are constantly changing. It is crucial, therefore, that staff remain informed of, trained in and confident with the new developments and tools which are released and made available. This is particularly important when existing staff are retrained to embrace a new skills set.The DPC provides training and personal development facilities to address these challenges:

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Digital Preservation Competency Framework

 The DPC Digital Preservation Competency Framework identifies and describes information on the skills, knowledge, and competencies required for successful digital preservation.

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Novice to Know-How online training 

 The Novice to Know-How learning pathway aims to provide beginners with the skills required to develop and implement simple digital preservation workflows within their organisation and is part of The National Archives’ digital capacity building strategy, ‘Plugged In, Powered Up,’

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Career Development Fund

Provides support for DPC members to undertake training and personal development opportunities. These scholarships and grants are offered through regular calls for applications, but members are also welcome to nominate relevant opportunities .

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Aus Preserves Ingest and Pre-Ingest training modules

Materials for delivering face to face training focused on a range of skills relating to various aspects of receiving, handling, and managing digital content.

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Getting Started and Making Progress training modules

Reference materials for DPC face to face training. On-site training is available on request.

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DPC Reading Club

The DPC’s Reading Club provides a forum to chat about a recent digital preservation publication with other Members in a friendly and informal group.

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External training/education opportunities

A wide range of digital preservation training and development opportunities are offered by agencies and institutions around the world. A selection of courses offered by DPC members includes:

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