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Use this to help deliver a successful procurement of third party digital preservation services or infrastructure

This Toolkit does not aim to provide a guide to procurement itself, but instead to provide advice on how to get the best result possible out of a procurement process with a minimum of pain. It has been designed primarily for DPC Members who are procuring services, but it will also provide benefits to vendors/suppliers by improving communication, clarity and efficiency throughout a procurement. Consultation with both DPC Members and DPC Supporters suggests that both parties have much to gain if this taxing process can be improved.

Please note that the Lessons Learned section is available to DPC members only, who should login to use it.




A foreword and introduction to this Toolkit, with thoughts on future development
Use this to find out more about the toolkit and how to apply it.


Lessons learned in digital preservation procurement

DPC Members only

A detailed guide providing lessons learned on procurement based on DPC Members experiences.
Use this to focus your procurement process on choosing the right solution, and avoiding common pitfalls.


Common requirements for repository procurement

A set of resources to support the creation and communication of requirements for repository procurement.
Use this to help develop your requirements and communicate them clearly. Avoid reinventing the wheel.


DP Futures Webinars with DPC Supporters

DPC Members only

Recordings of the DPC team questioning our DPC Supporters on key issues identified by DPC Members.
Use these recordings to get a feel for the different offerings, outlook and ways of working of key vendors - essential research.


Resources for procurement from DPC Supporters - coming soon

A list of resources to help with procurement, provided by DPC Supporters.
Use this to discover additional resources to enhance your procurement experience.


University of Melbourne case study - coming soon

DPC Members only

Experiences from the University of Melbourne in procuring a preservation repository.
Use this to learn from the experiences of another organisation in building a team to deliver an effective procurement.


Further resources

A list of additional guidance materials relating to procurement.
Use this as a reference point for further reading on the subject.

The Digital Preservation Policy Toolkit was collated by Paul Wheatley, and was the built on the wealth of knowledge offered by DPC Members and Supporters - many thanks to them for their generous contributions to this toolkit. 

Thanks to Tom Woolley for the illustrations.

Please note that the "Lessons Learned in digipres procurement section is made available for DPC Members only and is not CC-BY-NC.

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