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The DPC's Supporter Program is designed to facilitate better and more meaningful communication between members and solution providers on ‘neutral’ ground, and in a way that all parties work more closely, effectively and harmoniously.

The DPC’s Board recognises the need for an environment where Supporters and members can collaborate and learn from each other. Vendors and solution providers already contribute much needed commercial perspectives into the DPC’s discussions on an ad hoc basis, and Supporter status provides further insight into the requirements of our members.

Download a copy of our Supporter program for full details of the opportunities, activities and benefits planned for the next 12 months.

Costs and Benefits of Supporter Status

Supporters are asked to commit to three years’ sponsorship but may pay annually. Organisations taking up this status within the first 12 months will be eligible for an Introductory Offer as follows: 

Supporter contribution




12 months

Supporters will be:

  • Listed equally on the DPC website and acknowledged on relevant publications

  • Provided with agreed DPC branding to be used on Commercial Supporter websites

  • Invited to a fixed number of Briefing Days per year

  • Provided with previews and draft outlines of DPC Technology Watch Reports and other published output

  • Invited to annual trade fair / horizon scan meeting with DPC members

  • Offered an annual ‘show and tell’ webinar

  • Invited to send new starts to ‘Getting Started’ and ‘Making Progress’ training events without charge

  • Given priority access to anonymised outcomes of annual DPC member review and feedback on member needs

  • Invited to insert a question or theme into the annual DPC members’ review

 *In order to enable organisations of all sizes and types to engage with the DPC, we will be introducing a tiered rate for Supporters after August 2023.

Funds raised by DPC Supporters will be used in first instance to support grants to members for training and staff development as well as the Annual Student conference, to subsidise training workshops or to sponsor DPC membership for charities and not-for-profits.


Any organisation which supports the digital preservation community may apply for Supporter status. Applications for DPC Supporter status will be assessed on individual merits and will be subject to review by the DPC Board, drawn from its members. 

Conditions of Support

Supporters are asked to abide by the following values and principles in their dealings with the DPC and its members. 

Supporters should: 

  • Not claim their relationship with the DPC represents any kind of endorsement

  • Not abuse attendance of events for commercial gain

  • Recognise the need for DPC members to discuss and debate in confidence without commercial influence

  • Respect that DPC governance, planning, budgeting or editorial processes is reserved for Full and Associate Members, except by invitation

 Supporters breaching these principles may have their status withdrawn with no refund of fees provided. 

Application for Supporter Status

To apply send a completed Application Form to the DPC Business Manager for assessment and approval by the DPC Board. Upon approval by the Board, the DPC will issue the relevant documentation and materials for completion.

Supporter status is subject to ongoing assessment by the DPC Board, and a review every 12 months.

Apply for Supporter Status


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