There is more than one way to implement computational access, and the range of approaches can be confusing to those who are new to this topic. This section looks at the pros and cons of the different approaches and provides real-life examples of how they are being applied by different organizations.

Computational access can be approached in several different ways. Four approaches have been identified:



The one an organization selects will depend on its resources and priorities, the needs of its users, and any legal and ethical concerns relating to the collections or material being made available. It is also possible for organizations to apply several approaches, depending on their collections and users. The approaches described in this resource appear in order of complexity, with simpler solutions first, followed by those that require greater commitment of time and resources.


This recording from Leontien Talboom at our launch event in July 2022 provides a helpful introduction to computational access and a clear overview of the four different approaches.

Leontien Talboom, University College London -   An introduction to computational access

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