The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) is a registered company (Registered no: 4492292) and charity (Charity no. SC051077). 

We are a membership organisation, managed by a small team of full time staff and overseen by a Board of Directors appointed from our Full Members. Our primary function is to deliver on behalf of our members.  We were established in 2002 as a collaboration between a number of agencies operating in the UK and Ireland.  Although our program and our membership has changed a lot since 2002, we remain true to the founding principles of community oversight described in our Articles of Association and Memorandum of Incorporation.  The majority of our income is still derived from the annual subscriptions which members pay: and our workplan is scrutinised and approved by our members annually.

Our Vision

The Digital Preservation Coalition exists to secure our digital legacy.

We enable our members to deliver resilient long-term access to digital content and services, helping them to derive enduring value from digital assets and raising awareness of the strategic, cultural and technological challenges they face. We achieve our aims through advocacy, community engagement, workforce development, capacity-building, good practice and good governance.

Our Objectives

Our Strategic Plan for 2018 to 2022  defines seven objectives:

  • Community Engagement: enabling a growing number of agencies and individuals in all sectors and in all countries to participate in a dynamic and mutually supportive digital preservation community.
  • Advocacy: campaigning for a political and institutional climate more responsive and better informed about the digital preservation challenge; raising awareness about the new opportunities that resilient digital assets create.
  • Workforce Development: providing opportunities for our members to acquire, develop and retain competent and responsive workforces that are ready to address the challenges of digital preservation.
  • Capacity Building: supporting and assuring our members in the delivery and maintenance of high quality and sustainable digital preservation services through knowledge exchange, technology watch, research and development.
  • Good Practice and Standards: identifying and developing good practice and standards that make digital preservation achievable, supporting efforts to ensure services are tightly matched to shifting requirements.
  • Management and Governance: ensuring the DPC is a sustainable, competent organization focussed on member needs, providing a robust and trusted platform for collaboration within and beyond the Coalition.
  • Scaled to the Global Challenge: digital preservation is a global challenge and needs to be addressed as such.  We will enhance our members’ experience and the capacity of the digital preservation community around the world through the provision of a stable and trusted platform for collaboration, owned and run for the benefit of the global digital preservation community, and accountable to them through membership. 

These objectives are realised in our current DPC Prospectus 2021-2022  (also available in Arabic , Chinese , French , German and Spanish )

Our Values

At the core of our values is the belief that thoughtful preservation creates the conditions in which optimal value can be delivered from digital collections. Therefore digital preservation is a necessary and achievable social and organisational good, requiring specific and shared action. However, as a cross-sector body, we recognise that different requirements in different contexts mean that there are different paths to ensuring our digital memory is accessible tomorrow. So we encourage dialogue and collaboration based on mutual respect. In order that we can speak with authority and integrity, we shall:

  • Maintain neutrality in respect to solutions, approaches, sectors and vendors.
  • Amplify the needs and successes of our members.
  • Be open to all stakeholders.
  • Maintain sound stewardship of our shared resources.
  • Respond to the needs of members in the delivery of services.
  • Be authoritative, current and concise in all our publications and communications
  • Be respectful, welcoming, inclusive and transparent in all our dealings

Our Policies

To enable us to meet these goals, the DPC maintains necessary policies, clearly and openly stating the organisation's commitment to issues such as privacy, inclusion and diversity. Read more.


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