Added on 27 February 2023

RAMSignpostBackgroundThe Digital Preservation Coalition has released a new resource designed to help organizations Level-up with RAM and move forward in their digital preservation capabilities using the DPC Rapid Assessment Model (RAM).

Designed to enable rapid benchmarking of an organization’s digital preservation capability, the DPC RAM is a digital preservation maturity modelling tool which is applicable for organizations of any size in any sector, and for all content of long-term value.

With a 6-month DPC Member preview, this new companion resource is designed to help organizations work out how to address any gaps in digital preservation capacity highlighted through their RAM assessments, and to help them move up the levels from ‘Basic’ to ‘Optimized.’ For each of the 11 sections of RAM there are helpful tips, links to useful resources and case studies from others who have already tackled some common digital preservation challenges.

“For a while we have wanted to produce more detailed advice and guidance on how to move up the sections of DPC RAM,” explains Jenny Mitcham, Head of Good Practice and Standards. “Following on from our successful 'RAM Jam' events we have captured the experience, tips, advice and resources shared by our members, and have brought them together in one place. We hope this resource provides a helpful place to start when tackling a particular section of RAM.”

Michelle Donoghue, Information Governance Manager at Nuclear Decommissioning Authority said: “We, at the NDA, are so pleased to see that the DPC's Rapid Assessment Model has been embraced by the digital preservation community and is going from strength to strength. This new resource will be incredibly useful in helping us and other organizations fully embed digital preservation in the work that we do.”

Whilst the DPC RAM is freely available for anyone to use, and Level-Up with DPC RAM will be available on general release after 6 months, DPC members have the additional benefit of benchmarking and comparing their results with that of other organizations within the Coalition. DPC members are encouraged to submit the results of their RAM assessments by 1st June. DPC RAM-bulance sessions on 26th April and 16th May 2023 are also available to DPC Members who would like to discuss their RAM assessments with a member of DPC staff before submission.

The DPC is an international charitable foundation which supports digital preservation. The development of the DPC RAM and supporting resources is just one of the ways the DPC helps its members around the world to deliver resilient long-term access to digital content and services, alongside community engagement, targeted advocacy work, training and workforce development, capacity building, good practice and standards, as well as through good management and governance. The DPC’s vision is a secure digital legacy.

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