The following is a list of additional resources that can help with planning, building, and maintaining your DAR. Use this as a reference point for further reading on the subject.

General Resources

Novice to Know-How: Digital Preservation for Beginners training – A training course offering a practical introduction to digital preservation.

The Digital Preservation Handbook – An authoritative and practical guide to digital preservation.

Awesome Digital Preservation – A community-owned list of resources for digital preservation.  

DPC RAM – A broadly-scoped maturity model for digital preservation that supports benchmarking of current capabilities and future planning.

NDSA Levels of Digital Preservation – A maturity model focusing on the more process-orientated elements of digital preservation.

DPC Topical Notes Series – A set of 2-page introductions to key digital preservation issues written in plain English for use in advocacy and when talking to non-specialists.   

The National Archives (UK) Digital Preservation Workflows – Guidance on how to establish digital preservation processes at your organization.  


Executive Guide on Digital Preservation – A guide containing messages and motivators that can be used to communicate with senior executives, legislators, and budget holders, as well as decision and policy makers, about digital preservation.

Business Case Toolkit – A toolkit to help with preparing a business case for securing resources.

The Bit List – A list of “digitally endangered species” that can aid with advocacy.

Characterization Tools



Siegfried -


Data Accessioner -

Risk Management

DiAGRAM – A tool to help with managing risks to your digital content.

SPOT – A model for understanding technological risks.

DRAMBORA – A model and tool to allow practitioners to audit digital preservation risks.


Dublin Core -


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