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Creating an evidence base for Digital Preservation Risk

Sonia Ranade and Alec Mulinder work for the UK National Archives Thanks to your posts on this blog over the last two years, we have a really good understanding of what digital preservation is: we’re on a mission to send messages to the future. And we want those messages to be faithfully transmitted, to retain their meaning and to be useful for generations to come. That’s a tall order, but fortunately, the digital preservation community is here to help. Our models give us a common frame of...

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The More You Know...

Leslie Johnston is Director of Digital Preservation for the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington DC, USA One of the greatest challenge for any archive is the multiplicity of file formats. For the United States National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), with several decades of history accessioning and managing electronic records, this is compounded. We received our first transfer of electronic records in 1970! How do you plan a preservation strategy...

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