Call for Applicants: DPC Grants for Member Self-Identified Opportunities

Added on 18 November 2021

Did you know that DPC members can receive Career Development Fund grants for training and development opportunities beyond those regularly advertised on the DPC website?

The DPC invites and encourages our members to apply for a Career Development Fund grant for a Member Self-Identified Opportunity.

These grants, detailed below, provide support for a training or development opportunity that a member has identified which they believe will help build digital preservation capacity within their organization.

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Digital Preservation Coalition, Annual General Meeting 2021

Added on 15 November 2021

Digital Preservation Coalition, Annual General Meeting 2021                                    

Members are cordially invited to the Nineteenth Annual General Meeting of the Digital Preservation Coalition which will be held at 15:30 UTC on Tuesday 7th December (click here to check your local time). The meeting will be held online. Members are invited to join by phone or video conference.

The AGM is being chaired by Juan Bicarregui, Chair of the Digital Preservation Coalition.

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Vacancy for Digital Innovation Specialist at Lancaster University

22 November 2021


£35,326 to £40,927


Ellie O’Leary and Angela Puggioni to join the DPC team in November 2021

Added on 10 November 2021

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) is delighted to welcome two new team members this month. Ellie O’Leary will join the staff as Administration Manager and Angela Puggioni as Community Engagement Manager.

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ARCHIVER invites the digital preservation community to its Pilot Phase Award Ceremony!

Added on 10 November 2021

Started in January 2019, ARCHIVER is a unique initiative currently running in the EOSC framework that is competitively procuring R&D services for archiving and digital preservation.

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Wellcome-funded Archive of Tomorrow seeks Web Archivists

22 November 2021

Oxford / Cambridge / Edinburgh

see individual vacancies

Fixed Term

Time to Act: at-risk digital materials identified in a global assessment

Added on 4 November 2021

Today the DPC has released The BitList: the Global List of Digitally Endangered Species 2021.

The BitList offers an accessible snapshot of the concerns expressed by the global digital preservation community with respect to the risks faced by digital content. It is based on the practical experience of professionals with the responsibility to maintain access to content over time.  It is not a theoretical exercise, nor does it serve a political or commercial interest.

In an important development, ‘Adobe Flash Animations and Interactive Applets’ has joined the small set of digital materials designated the highest classification of Practically Extinct

Adobe Flash represents a significant amount of the creativity of websites in the early 2000s, including net-based art and cartoons.  It enabled the sophisticated interaction at low cost over the web but had a chequered history in terms of browser support and security. It was first added to the BitList in 2019 after Adobe’s announced it would withdraw support to Flash Animation. Support has since been withdrawn and so the panel has agreed to reclassify the entry as Practically Extinct.

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