Vacancy for Data Engineer at The National Archives

2 July 2020

Richmond upon Thames, London



Registration Open: Rethinking Digital Preservation in a Time of Crisis – A Collaborative 2-day Online Training Event 7-8th July 2020

Added on 18 June 2020

Registration and Call for Proposals are open for ‘Rethinking Digital Preservation in a Time of Crisis’, a collaborative 2-day online training event organised by the Digital Curation Lab, Redeye, and the Photographic Collections Network.

Event background

During the Covid-19 lockdown we all became acutely aware of one of the most essential values of digital preservation: remote access. Most physical collections, libraries, and archives were closed down for several weeks. Working from home is problematic, especially when we keep in mind that we rather than working from home by design or choice, we are actually at home during a crisis trying to work. While not immediately evident, there’s a great difference between these two ways of working from home. In any case, primary access to collections is now digital more than ever. This brings the need for better understanding in digital preservation and the development of skills for digital curation to the fore more than ever before.

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Library of Congress Recommended Formats Statement 2020-2021 - Draft for Public Comment

Added on 15 June 2020

The Library of Congress, a proud Full member of the DPC, is excited to be nearing the release of a new version of the Recommended Formats Statement. Over the last several months, the team of experts charged with maintaining, improving and ensuring the accuracy of the Statement have been engaged in the annual process of examining the Statement and its content categories, to ensure that it correctly reflects the technical characteristics for best practices regarding preservation and long-term access.

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Registration Open for the next DPC Briefing Day on Preserving Semi-Current and Semi-Active Records 15th July 2020

Added on 15 June 2020

Mark your calendars! Registration is now open for Preserving Semi-Current Records – A DPC Briefing Day on 15th July. Attendees will hear about the practical issues and strategies for preserving semi-current/active digital records in and across different organizational contexts.

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Monash University joins the Digital Preservation Coalition

Added on 12 June 2020

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) is delighted to welcome Monash University, as they join the Coalition as Associate Member.

With its four campuses in Melbourne Australia, and others around the world in Indonesia and Malaysia, Monash University is looking to create a university-wide digital preservation strategy. Incorporating guidelines for storage and management, the University aims to create a robust digital preservation ecosystem that includes the library’s digital collections, research data and outputs, permanent university records and the university’s other cultural collections. 

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Call for Participation: AI Governance: Building ethical frameworks to balance risk and innovation

Added on 12 June 2020

The University of Toronto / University College London Virtual Workshop on AI Governance will bring together stakeholders from government, industry, and academia, specializing in areas such as computer science, records management, digital ethics, regulation, economics, and knowledge translation.

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Latest SCA Podcast released with John Pelan and William Kilbride

Added on 5 June 2020

In the latest SCA Podcast, John Pelan, Director of the Scottish Council on Archives and William Kilbride, Executive Director of the Digital Preservation Coalition, discuss issues of authenticity, digital preservation, and the role of the record keeper during the COVID-19 crisis.

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