The 4C consultation is now open!

Added on 17 May 2013


The 4C project has begun its open consultation to find people interested in clarifying the costs of curation for their organisation. This consists of an online questionnaire that will start a communication channel for further engagement. 

The consultation is especially aimed at: research funding institutions, cost model experts, big data science institutions, digital preservation vendors, government agencies, publishers, content producers and holders, data intensive companies, memory institutions or in fact any person or institution that has an interest in identifying and clarifying the(ir) costs of curation. So, if you are interested in knowing more about digital curation costs, get involved by clicking the link below, and share your thoughts because this consultation is for you.

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Directors' Group 2013: 4th July, York

Added on 15 May 2013

The Chair of the Digital Preservation Coalition cordially invites the British Library, Cambridge University Library, Creative Scotland, the Digital Curation Centre, JISC, The National Archives, The National Records of Scotland, The National Library of Scotland, The Open University, Oxford University Library Service, Public Records Office of Northern Ireland, Research Councils UK, and the University of London Computer Centre to send a delegates to the meeting of the DPC Directors’ Group, at The Grange Hotel, Bootham York on Thursday 4th July 2013, 1130-1600

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Conference Report: Screening the Future 2013

Added on 13 May 2013

Briefing notes from the PrestoCentre organised conference Screening the Future 2013 have been added to the conference report area of the DPC website (login required).

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Be part of the action – Collaborate with 4C and help to Clarify the Costs of Curation

Added on 13 May 2013

As a project, 4C has made a commitment to being ‘open and social’ and this commitment is absolutely fundamental to producing tools and resources which are of any use to the Digital Curation community. The ultimate aim of the project...
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‘A very pragmatic European enterprise – reflections on cross border project involvement’ by Paul Stokes

Added on 7 May 2013

They say that you should write about what you know; what you’re passionate about.  And in the context of this project what I know about is running a pan-European Enterprise under the auspices of the European Commission. That’s a rather…
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‘Cache in the Attic’ by William Kilbride

Added on 29 April 2013

In case you hadn’t noticed, we live in hard times.  Economists can supply the abstract proofs but day time telly is good enough for me. A decade ago the schedules (at least in the UK) were crammed with property shows… 
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Deadline approaching to apply for DPTP Scholarships in May 2013

Added on 26 April 2013

The deadline is approaching for DPC members to apply for three fully-funded scholarships to attend the Digital Preservation Training Programme at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, 20th-22nd May 2013.  Applications are due by 1200 on 3rd May. 

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Screening the Future, May 7-8 Tate Modern

Added on 23 April 2013

DPC Member, Tate is hosting the 'Screening the Future Conference in London May 7-8

Screening the future is an annual showcase delivered by PrestoCentre and focusing on the latest trends in audiovisual preservation. This international conference brings together leaders in the fields of technology and research, and those with strategic responsibility for digitisation and digital preservation in the creative and cultural industries including broadcast, post-production, motion picture, sound and music recording, visual and performing arts. The conference aims to navigate participants through current case studies and latest thinking on standards and planning for the digital preservation of AV assets.

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Trust in Digital Preservation, Dublin 4-5th June

Added on 22 April 2013

Registration has opened for our co-sponsored training event on the topic of ‘Trust in digital preservation’ at the Royal Irish Academy in Dublin 4-5th June.

This event is being organized by the DPC and is sponsored by the European Commission under the APARSEN project in association with the Digital Repository of Ireland.  It is free to DPC members and heavily for all others.

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New ‘Preserving Computer-Aided Design (CAD)’ Technology Watch Report released to DPC members

Added on 16 April 2013

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) is delighted to offer its members a preview of the latest in its series of topical DPC Technology Watch Reports, Preserving Computer-Aided Design (CAD). Written by Alex Ball, and published in association with Jisc’s Digital Curation Centre (DCC) and Charles Beagrie Ltd, this report provides a comprehensive overview of the development of CAD, the threat caused by its own innovative application and its vendors’ race to continuously upgrade; often leaving users with inaccessible versions and models.

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