Added on 19 April 2021

The digital preservation community around the world wakes this week to alarming news of a catastrophic fire at the University of Cape Town (UCT) Library, as well as university residences and campus buildings.

This shocking incident brings us together with an immediate outpouring of solidarity and concern for the team at the University of Cape Town Libraries.  We join Director Satgoor in thanking authorities for their prompt and co-ordinated efforts which have prevented loss of life.

UCT is a member of the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC): distress for one of our members is distress for all of us.  Therefore the DPC, a global community focussed on preservation, offers unconditional support to staff, students and friends of the University as they face this trauma.  We stand with them as they assess the damage and losses to the library, archives and special collections; and our members around the world are ready with help and assistance to aid recovery.

Richard Ovenden, President of the Digital Preservation Coalition

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