Added on 9 December 2011

DPC is inviting members to a briefing day on the topic of ‘Trust and E-journals’ at the Wellcome Library, Euston Road, London on 31st January 2012:

Perhaps the most advanced part of the digital preservation community, the E-Journal sector has growing experience in fixing technical challenges and is supported by a well-developed - if complicated and at times dysfunctional - value chain that connects authors, publishers, sellers, purchasers and consumers.

A range of service providers and tools now aim to secure this supply chain with digital preservation. Outsourcing - specifically knowing how to trust services that claim to provide digital preservation - has been one of the key barriers to preservation being adopted more widely so the experience of the E-Journal community is of much wider relevance than just the library and academic community.

If the E-Journal sector has genuinely solved the 'trust question’ then everyone needs to know about it. If it has not, then consideration of the issues will at least enable a more nuanced reflection on how the wider community might want develop trust in the preservation of more esoteric or challenging content types. Therefore, this DPC briefing day will examine: perceptions and procurement of preservation services for E-journals; technical architectures for existing services for preservation of E-journals and what they can tell us; lessons learned, problems solved, experiences to pass on trust - how it is established and maintained; emerging trends for e-journal and e-book preservation Places are limited so early registration is encouraged.  Members are invited to attend for free and have priority registration.  Registration will open to non-members after the 12th December and at the cost of £150 per place.

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