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The DPC invites members to participate in a series of important events designed to capture needs and requirements for the coming year, in support of their digital preservation activities. These events form part of our (now largely) online 'Connecting the Bits' and 'Digital Preservation Futures' program, the key activities for which are as follows:

A reminder of the process in full can be found here.


The events will take place as follows:

Digital Preservation Futures Webinar Series, 14th – 23rd May 2019

In advance of the Digital Preservation Futures: Community Forum event in Dublin, we'll be running a series of accompanying ‘Digital Preservation Futures’ webinars as follows:

  • 14 May – Arkivum (14:00 – 15:00 UK)
  • 15 May – Mirrorweb (14:00 – 15:00 UK)
  • 16 May – LIBNOVA (15:00 – 16:00 UK)
  • 21 May – Formpipe (14:00 – 15:00 UK)
  • 22 May – Ex Libris (14:00 – 15:00 UK)
  • 23 May – Preservica (14:00 – 15:00 UK)

The webinars will showcase product and service offerings before the DPC's Paul Wheatley challenges each to respond on a series of themes which represent (his interpretation of) member concerns. Members may then pose their own questions on how Supporters would manage their concerns in a question and answer session.

DPC Members are encouraged to attend the webinar sessions as Supporter products and services form an important part of how we address the digital preservation challenge. This series aims to present - in the context of member concerns - a portion of the digital preservation marketplace offerings, in order to help identify community needs.

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Members Lounge: ‘Connecting the Bits Specials’, 13th – 14th June 2019

Members are invited to join us to discuss and validate some key actions for the DPC’s next 12-month program of activities. The activities discussed will be based on themes extracted from Full Member lightning videos and proposed as a result of a subsequent Sub-Committee review.

The Members Lounge Specials will take place at 09:00 BST on 13th June and 15:00 BST on 14th June to accommodate DPC Members in different timezones. The themes for discussion will be published in advance.

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In addition to our online ‘Connecting the Bits’ and ‘Digital Preservation Futures’ events, the DPC invites members to participate in a series of face-to-face events in Dublin this July. With our ‘Connecting the Bits’ process largely taking place online this year, these events offer an opportunity for the DPC community to come together and network over a couple of days, whilst addressing important digital preservation issues.

Digital Preservation Futures: Community Forum, 2nd July 2019

An extension of the DPC Member’s ‘Connecting the Bits’ feedback process which will take place over the preceding months, this half-day event will provide a neutral forum to summarise the key challenges anticipated by members, before inviting speakers from our DPC Supporters to collaborate and develop new ideas. This event is designed to provide an opportunity for DPC Supporters to engage directly and meaningfully with DPC members, for the benefit of the whole community. 

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Digital Preservationists Anonymous, 2nd July 2019

(Location only to be disclosed to attendees)

Digital Preservationists Anonymous will bring together DPC members (and only DPC members) to share the mistakes made, the pain suffered, and the challenges encountered on our digital preservation journeys. We’ll discuss how to learn from those experiences and move forward. This will be a chance to reflect on things that have not gone as well as we liked, to consider the difficult challenges we’ve been attempting to solve, but more importantly it will also be an opportunity to take a positive approach to this work and to find ways to make progress by helping each other.

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Advocating for Digital Preservation, 3rd July 2019

This one-day training workshop will help provide attendees with skills and ideas for identifying stakeholders and champions required to affect change, ways to showcase digital preservation as an indispensable service for their organisation and resources to help support their organisational advocacy activities.

The workshop will identify common challenges when advocating for digital preservation; align advocacy messages with organisational priorities; demonstrate ways of identifying the value and relevance of digital preservation and help attendees build their own tailor-made advocacy messages.

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Registration for events, where required, will open shortly.

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