Added on 10 September 2018

DPC members are invited to cast their vote and decide this year’s winners as polling for the 2018 Digital Preservation Awards opens today.

The prestigious Digital Preservation Awards is the most prominent celebration of achievement for those people and organisations who have made significant and innovative contributions to maintaining a digital legacy and the finalists for this year’s set of categories have all been selected for their work to towards this goal.

Find out more about the finalists in each of categories:

Before the judges decide the winners, members of the Digital Preservation Coalition are invited to cast their vote on each category except the Student Award, which will follow a different process. Members will be asked to select their first and second choices in each category, and are asked to provide feedback to the finalists.

“We’re really eager to have the members’ input into deciding the winners of the Digital Preservation Awards so each Full Member, Associate and Allied Organisation of the DPC may submit one vote each,” explains William Kilbride of the DPC.  “Voting is open to all the agencies and personal members which form the DPC community.”

Votes should be cast by the board director or designated contact in each member organisation. Where DPC members have been shortlisted, they cannot vote for themselves. This will be taken into account when the results are in, to ensure a fair and even playing-field.

Votes must be cast online by 1700 on Friday 28th September.

Members please login to access Digital Preservation Awards Polling Card or register for the DPC website

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