Added on 27 June 2019

A key aim of the Digital Preservation Coalition as it continues to grow and develop its Workforce Development activities is to help facilitate collaboration, and knowledge and skill sharing for those working on the provision of Digital Preservation training. There are many fantastic DP training initiatives around the world, but they often work in isolation, meaning there may be duplication of effort in developing resources and limited reach in terms of audience. In the hope of increasing communications between training providers and opening the way for sharing resources and knowledge, the DPC has created a Slack Workspace for training providers, dedicated to the topic of DP Training.

Sharon McMeekin, Head of Workforce Development with the DPC, says "the need for digital preservation training currently far outstrips provision. It is my hope that using this new workspace will encourage collaboration between providers allowing us to be more efficient in resource creation and sharing, in turn helping us to close the gap between need and provision. Ultimately, helping to create a robust and well-skilled DP workforce. I also hope this will allow us to share resources with groups around the world that may not have previously had the capacity to develop DP training."

In the spirit of sharing and openness, resources and updates on activity will be shared with the wider DP community as appropriate.

If you would like to be added to this new Slack Workspace, please send your email address to either This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to @SharonMcMeekin via DM on Twitter. Membership is not limited to DPC members and all are welcome!

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