Added on 26 April 2021

DPC Members are invited to Save the Date for Connecting the Bits, our annual DPC Member Unconference and Networking Event which will take place on Wednesday 16th June over two sessions to enable members in different time zones to attend.

In each session we will begin with an exciting programme of fast-paced lightning talks, giving members the opportunity to take the floor and exchange ideas, showcase work and discuss key themes. We will then turn our attention to the next 12 months and ask Members what we should add to the DPC programme of activities for 2021-2022. This year is particularly important as we will also look to Members to help shape our upcoming Strategic Plan which will be relaunched in 2022.

Both sessions will be linked by an hour of informal social networking and a chance for members to relax, connect and chat.

How to prepare?

Registration for Connecting the Bits will open soon, but in the meantime, here is how you can prepare:

Complete a DPC RAM Assessment and send it to us!

  • Each year we ask you to complete a DPC RAM Assessment so that we can collate Member data and create benchmarking information to help you plan your digital preservation work and inform our own support activities for the year. There is now a NEW version of DPC RAM released this month but, if you are already part way through an assessment using the previous version, don’t worry – each version is designed to be compatible so please do complete your assessment and send it to us. If you would like help completing your DPC RAM Assessment, please contact Jenny Mitcham who will be happy to provide support.

Please submit your DPC RAM Assessments by the end of the day on Friday 4th June.

Decide on your priority areas

  • In order to help identify priority areas for the DPC’s programme of activities and the strategic plan, we’ll be asking Full Members to answer the question:
    “What upcoming topics or challenges would you like the DPC to provide support on as part of its programme for the next 12 months, and the next 5 years?”

Consider what your priority areas will be and be ready with your reply!

Prepare to share

  • Whether you have a task you want to work on with others, a fresh idea or solution you want to demo, or topics you want to discuss to learn from others’ experience, the Unconference section of Connecting the Bits provides a space for all Members to do this.
    Session types offered will be:
    • Discuss: pick the collective digital preservation hive mind and start a discussion about a topic
    • Learn: Demonstrate and share solutions or workflows so that others can learn from your experiences.
    • Share: Show and tell presentations of recent work, new ideas and achievements (or failures)

Think about what you’d like to contribute and be ready with your ideas!


Registration will open in a couple of weeks.

We look forward to connecting with you all very soon!


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