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Do you struggle to archive and preserve research data? Are your data stewardship costs exploding? 

The ARCHIVER project aims to introduce significant improvements in the areas of archiving and digital preservation services, supporting the demanding IT requirements of European researchers by developing end-to-end archival and preservation services for data. ARCHIVER will use a Pre-Commercial Procurement process, where consortia will be selected through an open tender process. The bidding consortia will be asked to perform R&D to develop data archiving and preservation cloud based services complementing the current on-premise services of a group of procuring organisations, called “the Buyers Group”.


The Early Adopters Programme

In order to encourage wide deployment outside the Buyers Group of solutions developed during the project, ARCHIVER will engage with a group of “Early Adopters”.

The ARCHIVER Early Adopter programme is open to any public organisation having a need for innovative digital archiving and preservation solutions.

Why join?

By becoming an Early Adopter your organisation will have the unique opportunity to :

  • Be consulted for feedback on the tender documents before its publication, scheduled on October 2019

  • Access R&D materials produced by the ARCHIVER Contractors across all phases of the project

  • Access the services during the pilot phase for testing purposes

  • Benefit from training sessions covering the services developed and key aspects such as OAIS, FAIR, Open Data, etc

  • Potentially profit from the same commercialisation conditions as the Buyers Group to  purchase the services  at the end of the project

  • Be able to use procurement funds foreseen in other EC projects in the EOSC context, in which the Early Adopter is member, in order to procure the resulting services developed in ARCHIVER

Take Part

Organisations interested in joining ARCHIVER as Early Adopters should express their interests by September 15th, 2019.


Conditions of Access

The organisations that have expressed their interest will be formally listed in the Request for Tender document. Being listed in the Request for Tender allows all the tender stakeholders, including the bidding companies, to have public evidence of all the parties potentially involved in the project.  It does not bind the organisation legally or in any other form to take action as regard testing or procuring the services developed in ARCHIVER.  

Organisations listed in the Request for Tender as having expressed interest in the Early Adopter Programme will be:

  • Required to sign a declaration of non-conflict of interest

  • Not allowed to submit a bid to the ARCHIVER Request for Tender

  • Required to acknowledge the support of the European Commission and ARCHIVER in any publications that result from the testing activities performed with the developed services

  • Required to provide structured feedback to the ARCHIVER consortium on the tests performed during the pilot phase

Selection procedure

In case of a significant number of expressions of interest, the Buyers Group reserves the right to select the most appealing candidates taking into account their requirements and to ensure a diversity of research/business sectors engaged.

For further information visit the FAQ page on the ARCHIVER website.

Early Adopters webinar

Want to know more about ARCHIVER Early Adopters Programme? Don't miss the Early Adopters Webinar on Wednesday 4 September 2019 at 11:00 CEST. The ARCHIVER team will present the benefits and process for becoming an Early Adopter. You are all invited to ask any kind of question in order to submit your expression of interest!

The Early Adopter model has been developed in the context of the HNSciCloud Pre-Commercial Procurement.

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