Added on 5 September 2011

The DPC has today released its prospectus of activities for 2011 and 2012.  The prospectus explain the work of the Coalition and the benefits of membership for the 12 months ahead.  It outlines the specialist working parties, expert events and publications that members will get priority access to over the period, including:

  • Practical Tools for Preservation - a hack-a-thon
  • The Future of the Past of the Web - Conference
  • Intellectual Property Rights for Preservation - an invitational briefing day
  • Trust in outsourced E-Journal services - an invitational briefing day
  • Preservation and the Cloud: Trends in Data Storage - an invitational briefing day
  • Preservation and Business Continuity - an invitational briefing day
  • Persistent Identifiers and Robust Linked Data - an invitational briefing day.

The DPC Prospectus 2011-12 is available online.

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