Added on 23 August 2018

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) are keen to engage with the digital preservation community for comment on their draft Web Publications standard ( - a possible replacement for EPUB.

They would like to ensure that this specification, and future Web Publications based on it, are well prepared for archival. This is an excellent opportunity for this community to make a small contribution now, that could result in considerable preservation benefits further down the line.

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) and Open Preservation Foundation (OPF) are therefore inviting our collective members to join in a small working group to review, discuss and provide feedback on this developing standard.

As a broad indication of the work involved, we expect:

  • To hold an online call with a W3C representative to provide an overview of the standard
  • For participants to then individually review and provide comment on the standard to the digital preservation working group (via google doc)
  • Further call(s) to review and discuss the comments as necessary
  • To subsequently submit issues to the Web Publications Github project
  • For participants to follow up on responses from the W3C to posted Github issues.

We welcome all those who are interested and committed to getting involved in the above work to get in contact with either Paul Wheatley at the DPC or Peter May at the British Library/OPF.

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