Added on 7 December 2016

The European Central Bank (ECB) has issued a tender for the provision of a DAP solution to enable the business to address and mitigate the risks to the authenticity and usability of information and provide the long-term management and preservation of its digital information holdings. The mission of the DAP service is to provide the ECB with the means to safeguard its institutional memory and meet the legal and regulatory requirements in reference to the retention of and public access to its information. The DAP service will be comprised of 2 distinct components, the first being the preservation function and the second being an archive function for the ingested digital unstructured records with a retention period of 15 years and longer. The success factors will be that the ECB is able to maintain access to readable, intelligible, identifiable, retrievable, understandable and authentic information for as long as needed and that the ECB's service level requirements are met.

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