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Digital Preservation Documentation Guide: New DPC resource now available on general release

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) has made its newest resource Digital Preservation Documentation: a guide available on general release today, following an exclusive Member preview.  

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FDO2022 Conference – human and social factors in data and metadata management

Louise Preston is a Project Officer at the National Archives of Australia. She attended FDO2022 with support from the DPC Career Development Fund, which is funded by DPC Supporters. Writing systems developed in Mesopotamia and other ancient societies to manage information because human memory simply could not store all information. It was a new and specialised field that began with only partial script. As writing and recording became more complex, the amount of information stored...

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Title: Preservation Digitisation Project – Digitising the Tasmanian Archives audio visual collection

Karin Haveman is Acting Manager Government Archives and Preservation at the Tasmanian Archives and Digitisation Services Coordinator In February 2021, Libraries Tasmania launched the Preservation Digitisation Project – a major collaborative project that brings together Digitisation Services, System Support and Delivery, Government Archives, and the Community Archives teams. The aim of this project is to digitise our Tasmanian film, sound, and video collections for long-term...

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Web Archiving & Preservation Working Group - General Meeting - December 2021

Description The DPC Web Archiving and Preservation Working Group (WAPWG) is pleased to announce details of our next General Meeting – which will be free and open to everyone.  Web archiving provides the means for collecting organisations to capture, preserve and make available time-stamped archival copies of information published on the Web, before this content changes and is lost forever. Rather wonderfully, a strong and active global community of practice exists around  web...

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Considerations on the barriers to the practice of digital preservation

Amarílis Corrêa is an Academic Librarian and Researcher on digital preservation in São Paulo, Brazil / Amarílis Corrêa, Bibliotecária acadêmica e pesquisadora em preservação digital [PORTUGUESE FOLLOWS] For some of us, there seems to be no barriers to digital preservation; for others, too many. Is the grass always greener on the other side of the fence? For me it is, considering I haven’t had the opportunity to implement any part of the digital preservation process...

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Isolated Together: Virtual Collaboration for the Advancement of Open Source Digital Preservation Tools

Charlotte Armstrong is Project officer for the Open Preservation Foundation In 2020, amid a global pandemic that isolated many people from their professional communities, the Open Preservation Foundation (OPF)’s Spring Hackathon brought together an international group of contributors to enhance open source digital preservation tools and documentation relied on by digital preservation practitioners around the world. 

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On Gardening and Digital Preservation… A year of reflection and better engagement

Garth Stewart is Head of Digital Records Unit at the National Records of Scotland As a practical discipline, tending to a garden feels quite similar to digital preservation: it can never be considered ‘done’. Whatever the season, wherever you are in the world, there’s always something to do; whether it’s the laying of a new lawn (or the installation of a new piece of digital storage infrastructure), the sowing of a new flower bed (or the ingest of new image files), applying fertiliser (or...

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Digital Curation Lab: leveling up, shortly

Lamia Sassine is Digital Curation Lab Coordinator at the University of Salford As a relative newcomer to digital preservation the theme Breaking Down Barriers really spoke to me. My background is in archaeology and museum studies, but I started to get attracted to digital curation during my PhD. My research investigated perceptions of Phoenician collections from 20 different museums, and I envisioned the best way to bring them together would be through a digital platform, but this is a...

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Encountering barriers along the way – Why networks are a part of the solution

Svenia Pohlkamp Runs the nestor office at the German National Library When asked to write a blogpost to be published on this year’s WDPD I started thinking about the motto “Breaking down barriers”, digital preservation and my work at nestor. In the end I had a disturbingly long list of barriers in my mind, that I needed to order and bring into perspective. This text is the result (though it does not deal with every barrier I could think of) and it tries three things at once: Relating...

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Digital preservation reading club?

Barbara Sierman is a Digital Preservation Consultant  Is digital preservation a profession? And if so, what characterizes it as a profession? If you look at a skilled carpenter, the professionalism is defined by the skills of the carpenter, the tools that are used, the flexibility to apply centuries old knowledge in different situations and materials and above all, to expand this knowledge.

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Record, upload, archive... repeat

Vera Ferreira is Depositing Officer for Endangered Languages Documentation Programme, BBAW in Lisbon, Portugal and Leonore Lukschy is Programme Administrator & Communications Officer for Organisation: Endangered Languages Documentation Programme, BBAW in Berlin, Germany Homepage of the Archive of Languages and Cultures of Ethnic Groups of Thailand (

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OAIS: Isn’t that a British rock band with delusions of grandeur? Breaking down barriers by sharing knowledge

Carey Garvie is Project Officer, Digital Archives Innovation and Research at the National Archives of Australia After a hectic September of virtual conferences and opportunities to connect and share stories about how the National Archives of Australia does digital preservation with the broader community, I finally got a chance to sit back and start writing our blog for World Digital Preservation Day 2021 (WDPD2021). Reflecting on the theme of ‘Breaking Down Barriers’ and making...

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Records from the sea of islands: The Pacific and Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures (PARADISEC)

Nick Thieberger works for the Pacific and Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures (PARADISEC) and the University of Melbourne The distance between major population centres in the Pacific makes it difficult for residents of the sea of islands to access records in their languages. Even if records are stored in national museums or cultural centres, that can be some distance from most of the population. As the internet becomes more widely available, connection to these...

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DPC Welcomes National Library of New Zealand in Trans-Tasman Collaboration for Digital Preservation

After a brief hiatus Te Puna Mātauranga o Aotearoa, the National Library of New Zealand, has rejoined the National and State Libraries Australasia (NSLA) network. In the meanwhile, NSLA has joined the Digital Preservation Coalition, so by rejoining NSLA, the DPC is delighted also to welcome NLNZ into the Coalition.

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