9 December 2021 | 13:00 - 17:00 UTC Online | Zoom


The DPC Web Archiving and Preservation Working Group (WAPWG) is pleased to announce details of our next General Meeting – which will be free and open to everyone. 

Web archiving provides the means for collecting organisations to capture, preserve and make available time-stamped archival copies of information published on the Web, before this content changes and is lost forever.

Rather wonderfully, a strong and active global community of practice exists around  web archiving, and a rich array of open source tools are available to download, use, and incorporate into new and existing digital preservation operations. Nevertheless, the Web is a digital medium which is in a permanent state of flux, and this is forcing collecting organisations to reconsider how they archive, in order to effectively capture increasingly diverse content from increasingly diverse platforms; from text and tweets, to Google Sheets and Facebook.

In order to analyse and break-down this challenge, we invite colleagues and practitioners to join us for a ‘Workflow Workshop’, in which participants will have the opportunity to showcase their respective web archiving workflows, and learn from one another in a friendly and open virtual forum. Focusing on the web archiving ‘capture’ function (i.e. how to collect content from the Web in the first place), this workshop will concentrate on open source tools, and virtual collaboration on any technical or collecting challenge that participants would like to share. In turn, premiered workflows from the workshop will be published on COPTR, where they will reside beside other real-life digital preservation workflows as a permanent source of information, contact and inspiration for the wider community.

We hope to make this the first in a series of Workflow Workshops, addressing other key functions of the web archiving process: QA, access, appraisal etc.

  • 1300 - Welcome and introductions

  • 1315 - Tools and workflows presentations

    • Kirsty Fife – Supporting grassroots communities in the use of web archiving tools

    • Sara Day Thomson and Anisa Hawes - Using Archiveweb.page (and Replayweb.page) to capture the Carmichael Watson project web resource at the University of Edinburgh

    • The National Archives - Using Browsertrix at The National Archives (UK)

    • Dan Kercher – Social Feed Manager demo

    • Carl Davies – Using instaloader at the BBC

  • 1430 - Q and A

  • 1445 - Break

  • 1500 - Tools and workflows breakout discussions

  • 1515 - Feedback (plenary)

  • 1530 - Workflow editathon

  • 1630 - Round-up and Q&A

  • 1645 - Close

Who Should Come?

Delegates from any institution currently archiving web content or planning to archive web content. This might include:

  • Web archivists or curators with responsibility for selecting, managing, and preserving web content

  • Archivists or curators who include, or are looking to include, web content as part of collections

  • Librarians, research support and research data and information specialists who support researchers and institutions using web content and web-based data

  • Records managers who include, or are looking to include, web content as part of corporate records

  • IT specialists looking to build support for the collection and preservation of web content

  • Managers, directors, and policy-makers responsible for fulfilling institutional mandates and policies for preserving web content

Note that this is a general event, and colleagues who are just considering web archiving for the first time are very welcome.


Kirsty Fife –  Supporting grassroots communities in the use of web archiving tools

Sara Day Thomson and Anisa Hawes –  Using ArchiveWeb.page to capture the Carmichael Watson Project

Tony Steer –  Using Instaloader to capture BBC Instagram Accounts

Dan Kercher –  Social Feed Manager: A Social Medial Capture Tool

Kourosh Feissali and Michael Tobin – Using Browsertrix at The National Archives (DPC members, please log in to view)


DPC Inclusion & Diversity Policy 

The DPC Community is guided by the values set out in our Strategic Plan and aims to be respectful, welcoming, inclusive and transparent. We encourage diversity in all its forms and are committed to being accessible to everyone who wishes to engage with the topic of digital preservation, whilst remaining technology and vendor neutral. We ask all those who are part of this community and attending this session to be positive, accepting, and sensitive to the needs and feelings of others in alignment with our DPC Inclusion & Diversity Policy.  

Please also note the section on "Community Values, Vendor Neutrality and Conflicts of Interest" in the WAPWG TOR which is linked from this page.


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