Added on 16 March 2021

The ISSN International Centre is pleased to announce the opening of the 91st National Centre in the ISSN Network in Kyiv, Ukraine. Starting March 11th, the ISSN National Centre for Ukraine is our newest registration agency under the authority granted by the International Organization for Standardization, ISO, to the ISSN International Centre. The National Centre is hosted by the State Scientific Institution "Ivan Fedorov Book Chamber of Ukraine”.

Dr. Gaëlle Béquet, Director of the ISSN International Centre states that “After several years of discussion, I am happy that the ISSN Network welcomes Ukraine as a new member country. I would like to acknowledge the unfailing involvement of Ms. Iryna Pogorelovska, the director of the new center, who has carried this project to its conclusion with her team. The ISSN International Center stands by the ISSN Ukraine to achieve a smooth transition for the benefit of the publishing, scholarly and library communities of this country.”

Dr. Mykola Senchenko, the Director of the Book Chamber of Ukraine, said "The opening of the national ISSN center in Ukraine is a significant event for our state, which also celebrates the 30th anniversary of its independence. Many thanks to the ISSN International Center team for their high professionalism, close cooperation and good attitude along the way."

For the past 40 years, the ISSN International Centre (ISSN IC) has coordinated the activities of the ISSN National Centres in member countries that now total 91 and span five continents. The ISSN IC is responsible for maintaining and publishing the ISSN International Register and products such as the ISSN Portal, the subscription database of ISSN metadata records.

The State Scientific Institution "Ivan Fedorov Book Chamber of Ukraine" was founded on January 24, 1919 in accordance with the Law on the Establishment of the Main Book Chamber in Kyiv, approved by the Council of People's Ministers and approved by the Chairman of the Directory V. Vynnychenko. It is a state scientific institution in the field of publishing and information activities, based on state property and under the management of the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine. It was established to ensure the interests of the state in building intellectual and information potential, promoting the development of national culture, science, education, publishing and bibliography; full statistical accounting, acquisition and storage of all printed materials - documentary memory of Ukraine; conducting bibliological and bibliographic research; creation of databases of bibliographic information; publication of bibliographic indexes and scientific and analytical reviews.

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The ISSN National Centre for Ukraine

State Scientific Institution

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