Added on 8 July 2011

The DPC is delighted to announce its new Editorial Board for its popular Technology Watch Reports series.  The Editorial Board, which  provides strategic direction to the series and makes sure that each report is focussed on the needs of DPC members,  consists of Neil Beagrie (Series Editor), Janet Delve (University of Portsmouth), Sarah Higgins (Archives and Records Association), Tim Keefe (Trinity College Dublin Library), Andrew McHugh (DCC), Dave Thompson (Wellcome Library) and will be chaired by William Kilbride (DPC)

The DPC established a Technology Watch Report series in 2002 and since then it has been one of the Coalition’s most enduring contributions to the wider digital preservation community. They exist to provide authoritative support and foresight to those engaged with digital preservation or having to tackle digital preservation problems for the first time. These publications support members work forces, they identify disseminate and discuss best practice and they lower the barriers to participation in digital preservation.

Each report analyses a particular topic pertinent to digital preservation and presents an evaluation of workable solutions, a review of potential or emerging solutions and posits solutions that might be appropriate for different contexts. The reports are written by leaders-in-the-field and are peer-reviewed prior to publication. Each report includes a ‘key message’ précis of not more than 50 words and explicitly identifies its target audience.


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