Added on 20 May 2011

 JISC is encouraging DPC members to attend the ICE - International Curation Education - Forum in London on 29th June.  This event will be to provide an international meeting place for educators, trainers, students and practitioners of digital curation to: discuss, evaluate, swap knowledge, and potentially improve practice around:effective curricula and course design; production of advice and guidance materials (beginner, intermediate and expert); and the creation and use of textbooks and scholarly material. While this event will focus on sharing information about the latest developments in digital curation teaching and training it will also be of interest to anyone wishing to learn more about the range of resources available to help practitioners improve their curation skills.

There more information online at:

DPC members can send two delegates for the price of one  So DPC members in the public sector can send two delegates for 45 pounds, and DPC members in the private sector can send two delegates for 60 pounds. To take advantage of this offer, members should open the online registration form and add the text 'DPC Member free registration offer +1' in the address field.

This offer is available only to current DPC members listed online.  See the DPC website for information about joining,

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