Added on 28 March 2011

The Datum Project at the University of Northumbria and the Digital Preservation Coalition are delighted to announce that registration for 'Data For Life: Digital Preservation and Health Sciences' is now open -

Flexible and timely access to information has the potential to transform professional practice and research in health studies and related disciplines, but the promise can only be delivered if we can overcome threats of obsolescence.  A decade of research and development has begun to make available the sorts of robust tools, techniques and services which our generation will need to ensure that our digital memory is accessible tomorrow.  But the capacity to deliver long term access remains focussed in the hands of a small number of specialists.  This skills shortage presents a key strategic challenge to the delivery of fundamental services for medicine, health, wellbeing, and related sectors where research data is highly confidential and may need to be retained for long periods of time. Ethical, legislative and economic imperatives mean that thoughtful but rapid development in robust research data management policies and services will be required over the next decade.  Research data management skills are badly needed so that new entrants into the health and medical professions are prepared for the rapidly changing requirements of the information age. 

This DPC briefing day, held in conjunction with the Datum project at the University of Northumbria and sponsored by JISC, is intended to introduce key concepts of digital preservation to students and information managers working in the health and wellbeing sectors.  It will provide a forum to review and debate the latest development in the preservation of digital qualitative research data in the health field and it will initiate a discussion on how the necessary skills can most effectively be developed. Based on commentary and case studies from leaders in the field, participants will be presented with emerging tools and technologies and will be encouraged to propose and debate the future for these developments.

This event is free but Places are limited and early registration is recommended.

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