Added on 8 February 2019

The DPC renews its leadership each year allowing members to guide and review our programmes.  We are pleased to announce a number of changes at the start of 2019:

Executive Board

Roxana Maurer-Popistașu, Bibliothèque nationale de Luxembourg, joins the Executive Board

Stuart Lewis, National Library of Scotland, takes over as chair of the Research and Practice Sub-Committee

Tracey Clark, University of Sheffield, retires from the Executive Board and the Research and Practice Sub-Committee


Following the call to refresh the DPC’s Sub-Committee membership in January, we are pleased to announce the names of our new line up.

The Sub-Committee members are as follows:


Advocacy and Communications, Chaired by Jane Winters at University of London and facilitated by Sarah Middleton:

  • Beth Brunton, The National Archives
  • Jon Elliott, Archives and Records Association
  • Edith Halvarsson, Bodleian Libraries
  • Adam Harwood, University of Sussex
  • Lee Hibberd, National Library of Scotland
  • Matilda Knowler, HSBC
  • Clare Lanigan, Digital Repository of Ireland
  • Faye Lemay, Library and Archives Canada
  • Herve L'Hours, UK Data Service
  • Kirsty Lingstadt, University of Edinburgh
  • Paul Stokes, Jisc


Workforce Development, Chaired by Susan Corrigall at the National Records of Scotland and facilitated by Sharon McMeekin:

  • Sally Cholewa, RBS
  • Gareth Cole, Loughborough University
  • Jez Cope, British Library
  • Melinda Haunton, The National Archives
  • Sarah Higgins, University of Aberystwyth
  • Helen Mavin, Imperial War Museums
  • James Peters, Manchester University Library
  • Jaana Pinnick, British Geological Survey
  • Jacqui Seargeant, John Dewar and Sons Ltd
  • Elisabeth Thurlow, University of the Arts London
  • Clair Waller, University of Kent


Research and Practice, Chaired by Stuart Lewis at the National Library of Scotland and facilitated by Paul Wheatley and Jenny Mitcham:

  • John Beaman, British Library
  • Robbie Ireland, BBC
  • Rachel MacGregor, Warwick University
  • Elspeth Millar, University of Kent
  • James Mortlock, HSBC
  • Laura Peaurt, University of Nottingham
  • Sean Rippington, University of St Andrews
  • Kristen Schuster, Kings College London
  • Bridget Sisk, United Nations
  • Rene van Horik, DANS
  • Jaye Weatherburn, University of Melbourne
  • Paul Young, The National Archives


Management and Governance, Chaired by Maureen Pennock at the British Library and facilitated by Alyson Campbell:

  • Jenny Bunn, University College London
  • Glenn Cumiskey, British Museum
  • Bradley Daigle, AP Trust
  • Martin Donnelly, Edinburgh University
  • Ann Gow, University of Glasgow
  • Phil Greatorex, UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (Sellafield)
  • Tim Keefe, Chester Beatty Library
  • Louise Lawson, Tate
  • Maureen Pennock, British Library
  • Garth Stewart, National Records of Scotland
  • Adele Tamar, Parliamentary Archives
  • Simon Wilson, University of Hull


The DPC strives to be open, honest and inclusive in everything we do, and the four Sub-Committees are an important way of involving members in the way the DPC is run.

The DPC would like to thank each of the former Sub-Committee members who have stepped down following the end of their term to allow new members to take their turn. They have all brought lively debate and creative ideas to our discussions and we are very grateful for their contributions.

We welcome each of our new Sub-Committee members and the DPC looks forward to working together with our members in what is an exciting time in the Coalition’s development.

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