Added on 15 June 2020

The Library of Congress, a proud Full member of the DPC, is excited to be nearing the release of a new version of the Recommended Formats Statement. Over the last several months, the team of experts charged with maintaining, improving and ensuring the accuracy of the Statement have been engaged in the annual process of examining the Statement and its content categories, to ensure that it correctly reflects the technical characteristics for best practices regarding preservation and long-term access.

The team of experts have made considerable changes to this year’s Recommended Formats Statement with expanded content categories and format preferences. The Library of Congress is once again calling for input as it looks forward to the upcoming review and revision of the Recommended Formats Statement (

This year marks the sixth anniversary of the first release of the Recommended Formats Statement and one of the most monumental in recent years. With the Statement now an established resource within the creative landscape, we are exploring ways in which we can extend its reach and make it even more useful for its many stakeholders.  Ensuring that the Statement is both accurate and useful is dependent on knowing from the stakeholders what needs to be updated and corrected to reflect current best practices.

The Library of Congress requests that anyone with input, comments or feedback on any aspect of the Recommended Formats Statement, please share that with us by August 15, through one of the e-mail contacts listed on the Recommended Formats Statement website or by contacting Kate Murray, Digital Collections Management & Services (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 


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