Added on 30 November 2017

30th November 2017 marks the very first International Digital Preservation Day. Designed to raise awareness of digital preservation and to link a large, growing and widely dispersed digital preservation community, the day will bring together individuals and institutions from across the world, celebrating and profiling our work.

Digital materials are a core commodity for industry, commerce and government. They are fundamental for research, the law and medicine. The creative industries, cultural heritage and the media depend on reliable access to digital materials, while families and friends extend and sustain their relationships through digital interactions. 

Organized by the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) and supported by digital preservation networks around the world, International Digital Preservation Day is open to participation across all sectors, from anyone interested in securing our digital legacy. 

" International Digital Preservation Day is a fantastic opportunity to create a greater awareness of digital preservation and to celebrate all the great things we can do with data thanks to our continual efforts to preserve it,” explains Head of Advocacy and Communications for the DPC, Sarah Middleton. "Ultimately, we'd like that to translate into a wider understanding which permeates all aspects of society – business, policy making, and personal good practice."

International Digital Preservation Day Will provide a window into the daily activities of those involved with or thinking about digital preservation. Data creators, curators and consumers from around the world will showcase their own ‘Digital Preservation Day’ through numerous events and workshops, and they will share that experience with an impressive and sustained series of blog posts, tweets and Instagram messages, all using the hashtag #IDPD17. 

The DPC’s own contribution will be in the publication of new resources aimed to support public and institutional support for digital preservation.

Co-ordinated and published by the DPC, the Bit List draws parallels with the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species and identifies a number of data, software and storage types which, if appropriate action is not taken, could become ‘practically extinct.’ The results of the ‘Bit List’ will be announced at the ‘Aye Preserve’ event in Glasgow at 12 noon today.

IDPD17 is just one of the ways the Coalition raises awareness of the strategic, cultural and technological issues which make up the digital preservation challenge.  The DPC supports members through other advocacy activities, workforce development, capacity-building and partnership.; helping members to deliver resilient long-term access to digital content and services, and derive enduring value from their digital assets. 

For a detailed programme and more information about International Digital Preservation Day visit the International Digital Preservation Day page on the DPC website, follow the hashtags #IDPD17 and #BitList on Twitter for updates or contact sarah [dot] middleton [at] dpconline [dot] org for more details.

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