Added on 2 February 2021

The Intersections, Feminism, Technology and Digital Humanities (IFTe) network is running a workshop series on intersectional feminist archiving this February:

  • Transforming Archives: Intersectional Feminist Approaches to the Practice and Reading of Archives, 8 Feb - 11 Feb 2021: ‘Transforming Archives’ is an online series of workshops organised by the Intersections, Feminism, Technology and Digital Humanities (IFTe) networking project. This set of workshops seeks to examine the nature of archives from an intersectional feminist perspective, looking to explore and understand archives, curation, and archiving practices that reflect these principles. The IFTe network sees feminist archiving as a means to amplify, record, and safeguard marginalised voices, and as a method that pushes the boundaries of what we think archives are.

More information is available here:


The Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) is launching a new webinar series on using digital archives for academic research that will run throughout Feb, March, and April:

  • Using Digital Archives for Academic Research, 23 Feb, 23 March, and 20 April: Access to brick-and-mortar archives has been limited due to COVID-19 restrictions, creating challenges for humanities researchers that rely on archival materials for their research. The Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) is therefore hosting a three-part webinar series on 'Using Digital Archives for Academic Research' aimed at early career researchers that will showcase the rich research resources contained in digital archival collections. The first webinar in the series, 'Using Digital Archives for Historical Research', takes place on 23 Feb at 3:00pm.

For more details and to register, please visit the DRI website:

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