Added on 19 April 2021

Registration is now open for an exciting DPC Member and Supporter event on ‘The Future of Storage.’

Taking place on 25th - 26th May over two time zones, this event will discuss a topic which effects both DPC Members and Supporters in different ways and will seek to identify requirements for emerging storage solutions.

Beginning with an introduction to DNA storage as one emerging technology in this discussion space, we will hear from DPC Members Yale University as they present their project to test storage options for digital preservation, before opening the floor for conversation between DPC Members and Supporters to explore requirements for effective digital preservation.

"The use of storage technology for digital preservation has changed dramatically over the last twenty years," explains Paul Wheatley, the DPC's Head of Research and Practice.

"This makes it an exciting time for our community as we have the opportunity to help shape these emerging technologies to best meet our digital preservation needs. We would like to gather as many perspectives as possible through this conversation and this event and encourage all Members to attend if they can."


This event follows a series of Digital Preservation Futures webinars between 4th - 13th May which showcase the product and service offerings of each of our DPC Supporters in turn, before DPC staff invite speakers to respond on a series of themes which represent our understanding of member interests.

The Digital Preservation Futures event series is for DPC Members and Supporters and is part of our DPC Supporter Program designed to facilitate better and more meaningful communication between members and solution providers on ‘neutral’ ground, and in a way that all parties work more closely, effectively and harmoniously.

Find out more about the webinar series and the DPC Supporter Program


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