Added on 8 May 2020

#DPConnect has provided an ongoing, online presence at regular intervals each day as a means to connect the global digital preservation community as we worked in isolation.

From Monday 11th May we will be adjusting the frequency of #DPConnect sessions as follows:


Australasia and Asia

Europe and Africa

Americas and the Pacific


21:30 AEST // 12:30 UTC+1 // 04:30 PDT




06:30 AEST // 21:30 UTC+1 // 13:30 PDT*        


12:00 AEST // 03:00 UTC+1 // 19:00 PDT (-1 day)

21:30 AEST // 12:30 UTC+1 // 04:30 PDT        




05:30 AEST // 20:30 UTC+1 // 12:30 PDT


21:30 AEST // 12:30 UTC+1 // 04:30 PDT


*Please note to change to time

#DPConnect is available to everyone in the digital preservation community members and all are welcome to attend sessions in any of the time zones, provided all participants are respectful and supportive of one another and adhere to the DPC's Inclusion and Diversity Policy.

Connect with the Digital Preservation Community

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