Added on 18 January 2022

The Digital Preservation Coalition is delighted to have presented Martin Weise of TU Wien with the iPres 2021 Award for Best Newcomer!

In an online presentation, William Kilbride and Sharon McMeekin of the DPC were joined by iPres 2021 host Zhexin Wu to make the award which could not take place in person, owing to the hybrid nature of the conference in October.

Watch the presentation of the iPres 2021 Best Newcomer Award

As sponsor of the award for the second year running, the DPC’s Sharon McMeekin explained why Martin’s work had been selected for the award:

“The DPC is particularly proud to support this award as we recognize the importance of both people and innovation to the discipline of digital preservation. Innovation happens and disciplines flourish when diverse voices are encouraged and heard and if iPres is to continue to be a place where people grow, and innovative ideas are shared, then encouraging contributions from new attendees is essential.”

Sharon continued: “This year we are pleased to present the award to an individual who truly excelled in their contributions to their first iPres, through collaboration on a paper and a poster. While on first look both might seem to have a technological focus, they are to be commended for also foregrounding the essential issue of access.”

Martin was presented with the Best Newcomer Award for his poster A data-visiting infrastructure for providing access to preserved databases that cannot be shared or made publicly accessible and the paper FDA-DBRepo: A Data Preservation Repository Supporting FAIR Principles, Data Versioning and Reproducible Queries, and will receive support to attend an iPRES conference of his choosing in the next three years as his prize.

“Both the poster and paper focus on database preservation which frequently happens postfactum,” Martin explained. “In the poster we present a proposal for a database repository infrastructure, where databases are created, used and preserved directly in the data curation environment and this is complemented by the paper on OSSDIP; the reference implementation of a high-security data visiting infrastructure initially conceived as a safe-compute environment for medical data.

I'm really honoured to receive this award. It was my first time ever at iPres and already my work has been very successful. I'm looking forward to what's to come.”


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