Added on 10 June 2022

The Digital Preservation Awards finalists for The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) 20th Anniversary Award are revealed today, with three enduring projects being recognised for their longevity and durability of contribution to the digital preservation community.

Finalists for The DPC 20th Anniversary Award are (in no particular order):

  • PREMIS Data Dictionary and related resources

  • Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative (FADGI): Supporting Collaboration, Cooperation and Community Building for Digital Preservation

  • PRONOM Technical Registry

Read more about the Digital Preservation Awards 2022 finalists

Neil Jefferies, Chair of the Judging Panel said: “This year the DPC is celebrating 20 years since its foundation, and the finalists for the special 20th Anniversary Award all are all projects which have not just stood the test of time within a maturing field but continue to support long term digital preservation activities and address the timescales associated with digital preservation.”

Before the judges decide on the winners, members of the Digital Preservation Coalition will be invited to cast their vote on each category once all the finalists have been announced. Members will be asked to select their first and second choices for each category and are asked to provide feedback to the finalists. Each Full Member, Associate and Allied Organisation of the DPC may submit one vote.

Voting will open on Friday 10th June.

Following an interview with the Judges, winners will be revealed at the presentation ceremony at the iPres 2022 conference in Glasgow, on Monday 12th September alongside the digital preservation community, friends, family and peers from leading organisations.

The Digital Preservation Awards are a world-wide celebration of significant and state-of-the-art contributions to securing our digital legacy and just one of the ways the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) helps to raise awareness of the strategic, cultural, and technological issues which make up the digital preservation challenge.  

The Digital Preservation Awards are made possible by the expertise and support provided by our international panel of Judges, and funding from our sponsors.

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