Added on 23 June 2021

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) invites the digital preservation community to submit nominations for its 2021 edition of the ‘BitList’ by Monday 2nd August.

Endangered largeFirst published in 2017, the DPC's BitList of Digitally Endangered Species is a community-sourced list of at-risk digital materials is revised every two years. By compiling and maintaining the list, the DPC highlights the need for action to preserve high-value digital content that is critically endangered, whilst celebrating the progress the digital preservation community has made to ensure a secure digital legacy.

The global digital preservation community is invited to nominate at risk content now!

“Every agency or manager depending on digital resources needs to take the digital preservation challenge seriously,” says William Kilbride, Executive Director of the DPC.  “The BitList gives the global digital preservation community a chance to communicate that challenge from practical experience. Digital materials are born vulnerable.”

He continues: “As a community, we have an impressive track record of protecting these vulnerable digital resources, saving them from extinction. However, more often it is not the tools or services which are lacking.  There needs to be a significant cultural change to value digital resources, to recognize the opportunities that digital materials create in the long term.”

Digital materials face multiple risks and by drawing attention to these risks, the DPC wants to highlight the numerous simple and practical steps needed in all agencies to secure them.

Previous nominations have tended to be thematic and often overlap. Current entries include content types like social media or specific file formats; media types like floppy disks or obsolete optical media; or data from specific contexts like politically sensitive content or community archives which are not at risk for any technical reason but reside in unstable contexts. 

Nominations to the BitList 2021 could combine any or all of these themes.

Once the nominations have been collected and collated, an international panel of digital preservation experts will evaluate the entries, before arriving at their final list which will be published on 4th November 2021 for World Digital Preservation Day.

Make your nomination to the DPC’s BitList of Digitally Endangered Species by Monday 2nd August 2021


Join the twitter conversation about the Digitally Endangered Species list using the hashtag #BitList and #WDPD2021.

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